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  Life   Health  04 Jul 2017

Life, Health, 04 Jul 2017

Menstruation does not affect brain function: study

Researchers examined the three aspects of cognition across two menstrual cycles.

04 Jul 2017 6:08 PM

Smartphones can lead to lack of brain power

The researchers found that participants who were the most dependent on their smartphones performed worse.

04 Jul 2017 3:43 PM

Less toxic cigarette may soon be a reality

Gene that helps reduce nitro-based fertilizers could also help reduce levels of carcinogens in cigarette.

04 Jul 2017 12:30 PM

Adult addiction linked to childhood history

Child and Adolescent Psychiatry claims there might be higher risk of addiction in adults, if person, as an infant, faced disorder.

04 Jul 2017 11:21 AM

Is acupuncture a good weight loss plan?

Mechanism is like stimulation to the serotonin and beta endorphin and suppresses appetite, resulting in weight loss.

04 Jul 2017 8:07 AM


Women’s track performance improved by male hormones

Higher testosterone levels in female athletes help enhance their performance on field.

04 Jul 2017 7:50 AM

History of shingle may up risk of heart diseases

People who get shingles are more likely female and have common heart risk factors.

04 Jul 2017 7:50 AM

Do not tresspass

Given how hair fall is an issue of concern among young adults, a revolutionary approach for treating hair loss has emerged.

04 Jul 2017 12:09 AM