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Laser-Tag of flawless skin

Published : Apr 4, 2017, 12:12 am IST
Updated : Apr 4, 2017, 6:53 am IST

Skin lightening and hair removal are some of the most preferred treatments.

Get alabaster-like skin just like your favourite celebrity! A file picture of Natalie Portman used for representational purposes only.
 Get alabaster-like skin just like your favourite celebrity! A file picture of Natalie Portman used for representational purposes only.

Darkness is caused by a black pigment called melanin, which is distributed in both superficial and deeper layers of skin. Deeper the pigmentation, the more difficult it is to clear it. Pigmentation can be attributed to excessive sun or ultraviolet ray exposure, hair dye reactions, frictional marks on outer aspect of forearms/arms, birth marks, freckles, lentigines, sunspots, moles as well as obesity, groin and neck darkness.

Q-switch Nd:Yag (QsNd:Yag) laser is a novel technology, which can address this issue effectively and safely. This laser is able to reach deep layers of skin due to its long wavelength. The ultrashort pulses of laser energy released by this technology breaks down the melanin pigment into smaller bits, which are much easier for body system to clear off. This results in clearing the tan and reducing the pigmentation. The unique Photoacoustic Toning Pulse™ technology helps to breakdown only the melanin and not the melanin producing cells viz., melanocytes; this prevents any untoward colour variations due to laser.

Fine facial hair is very common among women across all age groups– due to hormonal imbalance and erratic lifestyle. Conventional lasers are not able to treat these fine hairs efficiently. As the fine hair contains melanin, QsNd:Yag destroys melanin in the hair, thereby reducing hair growth as well!! Once the black veil of hair is removed, skin looks more clear and glowing! Applying carbon solution before doing this laser called Carbon peel. This stimulates collagen and reduces melanin giving  lustrous, toned up skin!! Open pores are less open with carbon peel! Common blue-black and red tattoos can be cleared or reduced in intensity with this laser.

As there are no wounds due to this laser, there is minimal downtime.  Only occasional transient redness or scaling of skin is noted. Hence, it perfectly sets into the busy life style of the most of us! Considering the benefits, cost is never a deterrent to this treatment. Regular use of good sunscreen with PA+++ and SPF > 30 is the only basic requirement to start this therapy. Concomitant use of skin lightening agents like glutathione, kojic acid and alphahydroxyacids enhance the results of laser and also reduce the number of sessions required to achieve good cosmetic result. With so many applications, QsNd:Yag laser is an adorable therapy to address various stubborn skin issues, foremost being improving complexion.

The writer is an MD, consultant dermatologist.

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