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Groom with a home view

Published : Jan 22, 2019, 12:30 am IST
Updated : Jan 22, 2019, 12:30 am IST

The metrosexual man has come of age as he opts for home grooming services.

Men are becoming increasingly aware of the trends and concerns surrounding their physical appearance.
 Men are becoming increasingly aware of the trends and concerns surrounding their physical appearance.

Men are becoming increasingly aware of the trends and concerns surrounding their physical appearance. Drifting away from a time where going to salons or getting a pedicure or facial was considered less manly, they are slowly wrapping their head around the idea of being groomed, and that too, in the comfort of their homes!

The reason? Well, according to a study by Neilsen, it is not to impress their partners or crushes; it is to get into the good books of their bosses at work and climb up the corporate ladder! Data confirms that the sale of men’s grooming products and services has doubled over the years with haircuts, beard grooming and massages topping the list while pedicures and facials slowly crawl up. In keeping with the trend, online service providers like Housejoy, VLCC vanitycube, Doorbell Barbers and many others are providing men’s grooming services at home, and men are lapping it up.

Gaurav Bhargava, the category head for Housejoy, a home beauty service believes that the change in pattern could be because of the options available in the market now when compared to before, “We do have a good number of customers who are using the home services we offer. Youngsters between the age group of 23-34 are the ones who use our services most. Haircuts, massages, facials and pedicures are the most used services. The services we provide are 20-25 per cent cheaper than those available in salons itself. It makes it more economical and practical to get yourself pampered in the comfort of your home.”

Youngsters are definitely becoming aware of how they look, and feel. Many are using these services for the ease and comfort they offer. Bedanta DD Borah, a retail professional, says, “Weekends are the only time I get for myself but I can’t spend it in a salon as I will have other chores to finish as well. But now, the facility of bringing a salon home whenever I need, really does help. All you need to do is go on the app and book whatever service it is that you wish to avail. I recently booked shaving and a massage. The experts who come are very professional. For the massage, the therapist got a bed along, and aromatic candles that made me feel like I am in a spa. They took care of everything with high quality products and I did not have to worry about anything.”

While time constraint is the one problem that home services are offering a solution to, they are also providing quality, professional services just like the ones at salons.

Hom Katowal, an ecommerce professional, comments, “I have been very busy for the past few weeks and was not able to go to the salon. A few days ago, I came across an app online and booked a haircut and a clean-up service, just to try it. Their grooming experts were on time, and I did not have to step out of my house. I liked that they were very professional and sincere — they gave me my patent haircut without messing it up. I am very particular about it and only my regular barber gets it right. The clean-up also came with a face massage session that I loved.”

The notion of men caring for themselves is well and truly here, one step at a time, and is definitely making them happier.

Laxman Venkatesh, an IT professional believes that the change is a much needed, positive one. “It helps men be clean and well groomed yet not be embarrassed of taking some services that have/had a social stigma attached to it. It is a good thing to start with but it will significantly depend on the quality and price of the services in question.”

The price factor

Hair cut and head massage combo Rs 399
Beard trimming Rs 199
Hair colour Rs 549
Full Body massage (60 minutes) Rs 999
Organic pedicure Rs 450

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