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Look cool and hot

Published : May 13, 2019, 5:59 am IST
Updated : May 14, 2019, 4:53 am IST

Don’t fear the summer sun. It’s time to flaunt your florals and pastels and wear that glowing look.

The 90s is back and our favourite pick out of the pack is the wide legs pants & trousers, smashing the charts.  (Representational image)
 The 90s is back and our favourite pick out of the pack is the wide legs pants & trousers, smashing the charts. (Representational image)

With the scorching sun and sweltering Delhi heat inching sub 50 degrees, it’s but natural to stay cool, well-hydrated and flaunt the summer florals, pastels and sandals, a much-needed relief to the eyes.  

As they say, be in heat or dust, the fairer gender always glows. Hence, summer also brings in a range of deodorants, perfumes, sandals, body and skin-care for that everglowing look.  


For all the lovely ladies who are ready to look fabulous this summer, here is a complete package:

Spellbinding Pastels
Pastels are really having the moment. Not only are they sweet and relaxing to look at, but also make up for a slayer summer style. “A pro tip is to pick lots of lavender for this season and onward — be it a chic party dress, a lunch cut-style, or an office blazer. This coloured clothing looks softer and cooler,” feels Sanjeev  Aggarwal, CEO of Rangriti.

Pants & Trousers
The 90s is back and our favourite pick out of the pack is the wide legs pants & trousers, smashing the charts. They look classy, quite feminine and feel very, very comfy. If you want a casual look then you can go with these pants. You can wear this for day time and evening. It looks good on you.


Wild & Outgoing Prints
Colour-blocked prints are already dominating 2018. And now the revered label of Versace has introduced a peppy genre of wild, bold and dramatic prints, combined with colour blocks, of course, to mark up the next big trend of 2019. This is the trend for this summer. Go wild this season and redefine your style quotient. The fabric makes sure that you are comfortable.

A shout-out to you if you’ve worn fringes this season. They are already popular as a go-to party wear and have become a unanimous favourite. These little cloth frills sewed across a fabric, and all that shimmer coming along, can make your style game go up a notch. Fringes are very in these days, right from tassel shoes, earrings, bags, neckpieces and clothes; fringes can be found everywhere. The style is ideal for weekend dressing: relaxed, effortlessly cool, and incredibly fun.  

Capes and Ponchos
Floor-length Capes and Ethnic Ponchos are definitely one of the top trends this year, which are here to stay. Capes and ponchos to spin your ethnic styling and look outstanding. Not only ethnic but casual, western capes are also in to upgrade your look.

Bye Palazzos, Hello Shararas
Palazzos are done to death and frankly, have started to bore us silly. So, let's just replace them with fabulous looking shararas and wage a style war. Spin your ethnic wear all across 2019 to pair your kurtas with shararas.

Scarf inspired by traditional crafts
Scarfs are the most versatile piece that can be paired with almost all latest Indian outfits of 2019. “Be it pop or traditional, they are here to stay. Scarf made of block print, batik or Kantha is going to be super trendy,” says Sanjeev. The style of draping could be changed based on Indian dress trends of 2019 to compliment your look.

Fusion pants
It is a mix of Indian and western wear celebrates the beauty of both the worlds. It is becoming the choice of apparel at formal and informal events, as well as for work wear. Fusion pants are always rage and come in beautiful bright festive colours and are the epitome of comfort dressing.

Double layering
Layering is going to rock both traditional and western attire. Deal with the chills of January winter by pulling the latest trend of layering jackets over high necks. For comfortable summers layer your T-shirts with net or cotton shrugs.

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