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  30 Nov 2021  Inveda: Producing products so good that you’ll love to take care of your skin

Inveda: Producing products so good that you’ll love to take care of your skin

Published : Nov 30, 2021, 9:09 pm IST
Updated : Nov 30, 2021, 9:09 pm IST

Inveda's Vitamin C Serum is infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Orange Peel Oil

Inveda is the first Indian brand who has combined Korean + Ayurveda formulations to provide you glass skin. — By arrangement
 Inveda is the first Indian brand who has combined Korean + Ayurveda formulations to provide you glass skin. — By arrangement

Inveda, an Ayurveda inspired skincare brand has a highly trained eye for necessary herbs that ensure to make your skin-care routine a relaxing and effective experience. Given below is the definitive list of must-have skincare products from Inveda that everyone should have in their skincare kit to achieve a healthy skin and restore your radiance.

  1. Kumkumadi Tailam Combo- Prevent 9 skin problems

The luxurious Ayurvedic Kumkumadi Tailam Combo contains 25+ natural herbs, fused with the purely natural essence of saffron which prevents 9 major skin problems like-


. Dull Skin

. Acne & Acne Spots

. Sun Tan

. Dark Circle

. Bruises

. Blemishes

. Wrinkles

. Skin Infection

With its rich concentration of essential vitamins, anti-inflammatory properties & a surplus of antioxidants that saffron oil present in the combo has proved effective in healing the skin and further keeping it healthy and glowing.

The combo entails:

  • Kumkumadi Tailam Face Cream 50 ml
  • Kumkumadi Tailam Face Scrub 100ml
  • Kumkumadi Tailam Face Oil 10 ml
  1. Anti Pigmentation Skin Care Kit

Anti Pigmentation Skincare kit is formulated to heal your skin from pigmentation & hyperpigmentation. The components in this kit, with their 3D tan removal formula, clears the dullness while improving your skin's overall appearance. Due to environmental toxicity, problems like uneven skin tone, dark spots, and wrinkles are consistently attacking the skin. Thus, the natural essence of Ayurveda inspired ingredients of Whitening Cream & Anti Pigmentation Blend work generously on stubborn blemishes & melasma to vanish it away. The kit includes:


  • Neem & Gotukola Face Wash- 100ml-

Neem & Gotukola Face Wash is embodied with an herbal formula that cleanses excess oil and impurities that clog your pores. Enriched with natural extracts and holy herbs, the face wash helps in lightening scars and blemishes and further restricts the breakouts.

  • Whitening Cream-50ml-

Anti Pigmentation whitening cream that is infused with pure herbal extracts penetrates the skin and minimizes hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and signs of aging. This cream has a perfect formula that helps in protecting the skin and further accelerates the healing process.

  • Anti-Pigmentation Blend 10 ml-

Inveda’s innovative Anti-Pigmentation Blend has organic ingredients that help in removing the dark spots & blemishes of your skin caused by acne, hormones & premature ageing. The blend serves as the perfect treatment in breaking down extra melanin to give your skin a clearer and more vibrant look.


  • Sunscreen Cream Gel SPF 30- 75ml-

Protective sunscreen lotion from Inveda’s anti-pigmentation kit is the perfect solution that protects you from dangerous UVA & UVB radiation while nourishing your skin at the same time. The sunscreen is extremely light and absorbs quickly in your skin further leaving your skin with a matte finish.

  1. Concentrated Vitamin C Serum 20%

Inveda's Vitamin C Serum is infused with Hyaluronic Acid and Orange Peel Oil. With its natural ingredients, the serum accelerates the production of collagen that helps in minimising pores & preventing signs of aging. The concentrated vitamin C serum has stood the test of time with its organic and natural ingredients. Thus, vitamin C serum is known to be a powerhouse skincare ingredient that fights free-radical damage, brightens skin, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.


  1. Niacinamide 10%

The product acts as a natural humectant that locks hydration levels & serves as one of the best hydration for dry and sensitive skin types. With its naturally enriched ingredients, the product helps in preventing vitamin B3 deficiency and smooths your overall skin texture. Inveda’s Niacinamide helps to reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation and makes your skin-plumping, retexturizing, toning, and brightening. In short, the product is ticking all the boxes with its highest-quality botanical, earth, and marine-based ingredients.

  1. Cica Healing Kit (Korean Formulation)

Inveda is the first Indian brand who has combined Korean + Ayurveda formulations to provide you glass skin. The products unclogs pores, counter inflammation, treat acne, and remove dead cell accumulations & regulate excess oil. Cica Healing Kit was invented with the philosophy of merging Ayurveda with Korean technology as it provides 10 times faster results for flawless and youthful skin. Also, the components build protein that helps in reducing pigmentation and further moisturizes and nourishes your skin. The Cica Healing Kit is a miraculous combo of recovery that involves:


  • Cica Healing Face Wash-

This facewash works as a profound cleanser for all skin types. Formulated with the best ingredients and special skin healing Cica formula, the face wash removes the excess sebum and deep-seated residue with revitalizing, strengthening, and brightening the skin.

  • Cica Healing Day Cream-

Cica Healing Daycream is a multi-purpose soothing cream for skin irritations and is also imparting long-lasting moisture with a fresh texture. With quality ingredients backed by both nature and science, the cream is doing wonders on your skin texture and restoring your long-lasting radiance.

  • Cica Healing Night Cream-

This cream is perfect for your healthy glass skin care routine. Adding this to your skincare routine will help you in maintaining the long-lasting moisture with a fresh melting feeling. If smoother skin is on your wish list then you must go for Cica Healing Nightcream as it will retexturize and moisturize your skin.


The  leading skincare brand offers magical recipes for your skin. From the most potent vitamin Cs' and reliable anti-aging serums to exfoliants, and perhaps even an anti-pigmentation skincare kit, several ingredients and formulations are ruling the skincare industry and Inveda is taking care of your skin all day and all year with their heavenly product ranges.

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