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  29 Jan 2021  How Matrimonial Websites like Matchfinder Have Provided Ease during the Pandemic

How Matrimonial Websites like Matchfinder Have Provided Ease during the Pandemic

Published : Jan 29, 2021, 8:53 pm IST
Updated : Jan 29, 2021, 9:32 pm IST

The process of finding the soulmate has been taken over by the virtual meet-ups and made it easier for the prospective couples

Picture used for representational purposes only
 Picture used for representational purposes only

This pandemic has hit everyone hard. Many businesses started off the rails and many sunk down hitting the bottom rock. Amidst this, a business that helps to start new relationships like matrimonial in times of pandemic-induced lockdown went through the troughs too.

Similar to other businesses, matrimonial sites have seen a slump during the lockdown. The number of new registrations on the matrimonial websites has reduced to 30-50%. As the business of matchmaking takes endless rounds of meetings and negotiations between two people and their families. And the wrath coronavirus had everyone hesitant stepping out of their homes.


The era of technology says “Never stop” not even in Pandemic!

But let’s say, the internet got the matrimonial business under its wing, and though the social distancing and lockdown emerged many consumer behavioral changes and the process of finding the soulmate has been taken over by the virtual meet-ups and made it easier for the prospective couples.

Soon after the lockdown, users have registered more in number than before the lockdown. New registrations witnessed a growth of 20-30% in June and so the revenues. The users are now more engaging in online matrimony services to find their match via voice and video calling.

Unlike the real-time meet-ups where the appearance made a huge impact on the final decision, the virtual meet-ups got people focusing more on the quality conversations. Thanks to the online matrimony services, now the matches are made virtually.


A shot in Online Matrimonial service’s arm!

There’s no wonder that online matrimony services actually got shot in the arm, and are working round the clock to help users comfortably meet their prospects virtually. One such online matrimony service that’s riveting bachelor’s attention is Matchfinder.

Matchfinder is simping its way in the pandemic to help the bachelors find their soulmate online. Matchfinder as a business has survived during the pandemic and has become stronger than ever after the lockdown. As it is more focused on online matrimony services than walk-in stores, the impact on Matchfinder revenues because of the pandemic, fortunately, was minimal. Matchfinder has used tools like zoom and other infrastructure to work from home with ease. It has used the lockdown period to improve the usability of their website and has seen improvement in the user-spent-time on the website after the lockdown, also the way prospects portray themselves on their profile has been improved.


The users are now uploading videos of a brief introduction of themselves, their interests, and a little about the qualities they are looking for in a prospect to ensure they are bringing their personalities to full view. Customer care executives have used the work from home option to provide their best support to customers without any interruption and have shifted their focus to advising the customers on the COVID precautions along with regular support. This new way of health-focused customer support conversations has helped to build more trust in Matchfinder from its customers.

In addition to this Matchfinder has extended membership plans to users, who were planning to postpone their weddings. This has helped customers to not worry about the membership plans&expiry during the lockdown.


Although the pandemic has changed the way people meet and know each other. The matrimony business got technology’s back and isn’t letting a pandemic ruin people’s wedding plans this year.

In fact, when optimistically seen, the pandemic has got us a lot of time in-store to get to know our partner more via voice calling or video calling. So, why waive off your “finding the one for me” plans for a pandemic, when you can do it in the comfort of your home with exceptional online match-making services like Matchfinder. Give it a shot and you might get your wedding bells ringing this year.


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