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  18 Feb 2021  The Joy of the journey to success: Sikandar Kalal Khan

The Joy of the journey to success: Sikandar Kalal Khan

Published : Feb 18, 2021, 8:29 pm IST
Updated : Feb 18, 2021, 8:30 pm IST

Preparation and Opportunities, according to Khan, are some major determining factors

Sikandar Kalal Khan
 Sikandar Kalal Khan

Born in a remote place of Nabha Patiala on 4th of August 1944, Sikandar Kalal Khan is a 26-year-old with a lot of dreams and possible expectations in his life. This is not uncommon in young growing businessmen because they are usually goal-driven and have a far fetched sight in life. Though he was born in Patiala, for most of his life he was brought up in Fatergarh Channa,Barnala where he also continued to pursue his education. Education and information are important things in life. They teach us how a person grows out of childhood and steps into a world which is wide and full of possibilities.

Mr Sikandar started off very small in the early stages of his life, possibly when he was in his early twenties. He began his career with driving trucks and I bet he had absolutely no clue that he would be so successful one day. Fame is not something which every person receives as a part of their task but it sure does help them to grow. Sikandar Kalal Khan deserves this fame and also being features for he has a good story to tell. A good success story from a person who has been through all the difficulty stages of life has a lot to offer. Taking inspiration from such stories is only natural.

Mr Khan now has a very successful business which he runs by himself in Dubai, his truck business did pay off and prove to be the way to great things. He always had faith in himself and knew that he could do it. Don’t you think that is remarkable? Take Inspiration and learn from your mistakes all the time. Learning is they key.

Sikandar Kalal Khan knew that he must do something about the lifestyle that he is living and bring about a positive change in order to raise his own standard of living. This is what kept fuelling his determination factor. Determination and goals also go hand in hand because if we determine to achieve something which is completely out of the works then that will soon enough be ours; provided that we are working for it and not just spending time in other pleasures of life.

Preparation and Opportunities, according to Sikandar Kalal Khan, are some major determining factors. He was prepared for everything, going through the worse situations and the toughest tasks. However, he was ready to go through any odds no matter what life threw at him, he was prepared to take care of it flawlessly. And with all this, Mr Sikandar was also waiting for the perfect opportunity that he could grab on. Opportunities are something which are thrown at random by mostly the wheel of luck, but if you are hardworking enough you can grow up to the wheel and grab one for yourself. Yes, success will come to you no matter what with determination, properly set go, and very tough preparation.


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