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Take a bow

Published : Oct 2, 2016, 12:03 am IST
Updated : Oct 2, 2016, 12:03 am IST

Bows in all shapes, sizes and varieties are making a huge statement


Bows in all shapes, sizes and varieties are making a huge statement

Movable hemline, flattering bias, evolving neckline flickering trends rule the fashion world. Supplanting the delusion that it only belonged to garments that are inspired from the Victorian era or upon the dainty heads of Disney characters, this season, bows in all manner of shapes, sizes and varieties are making a huge statement. In fact, bows are no longer just an emblem for girlie chic. Instead, they have been extensively revived to become the new ‘it’ trend to rule the runway.

“Bows may not always be on the forefront of fashion but they are never something that goes out of style. In fact, bows are quite the iconic shape which was been repeated in fashion, clothing, hair accessories and jewellery for the past century,” says designer Pallavi Mohan. “In the Victorian era, bows made an appearance not only as women’s accessories (quite the embellishment for dresses and as hair ribbons) but also in men’s fashion (bow-ties). Bows continued in fashion during the Edwardian era as well but became a more popular design for jewellery; white gold and diamond bows were seen often as pendants and brooches. Sadly, they fell out of fashion during the Art Deco era as geometric shapes and straight lines took over the fashion scene. Yet in the 1940s, they made a stronger-than-ever comeback. They were huge in jewellery, often in the form of brooches made in green and rose gold with colourful gemstones, and in fashion, they became an embellishment of the Peter Pan collar,” she informs.

From mini to maxi, surreal to ladylike, waltzing ribbons and more... ladies, you are spoilt for choice in the present era. As an object of fancy for designers all across, the simple bow comes in combination with exaggerated pussy-bow necks. And for those who relish a bit of drama, there are options that offer a theatrical effect such as oversized bows crafted from sheer and structured fabrics. For those who adore a touch of modern femininity, taking a cue from Chanel and Proenza Schouler’s latest collections will be ideal. “Overblown bows can be very well carried by slim body types,” says Kamakshi Kaul, head of design, Max Fashion, adding, “For a bow to wow, it needs to be large and in charge, not little-girlish. Adding a bow is the easiest way to update the most ordinary of looks. But if you’re a little chary about the whole thing, try easing yourself in with a skinny necktie or naturally evolve the classic knot on your waistband into a beautiful bow.”

Talking in depth about the bow placements, designer Tina Tandon cautions, “Firstly, the size of the bow or its placement should not drown you. Instead, it should only accentuate or add to your structure. Go easy on oversized bows, if you are short. Also, if you are top heavy, avoid huge bow detailing on your torso area, as it will make you look even heavier, and make your your natural body shape appear disproportionate.”

Lastly, designer Prerna Khetrapal shares that minimalism is still a turn on. “Put the accent on your bows and stir clear of chunky jewellery. Maintaining a neat hairdo will maximise the impact.”