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  Entertainment   TV  14 May 2017  I can do things that slim girls can’t, says Anjali Anand

I can do things that slim girls can’t, says Anjali Anand

Published : May 14, 2017, 12:09 am IST
Updated : May 14, 2017, 12:09 am IST

Anjali Anand, who has gained oodles of weight for her role in the show, Dhhai Kilo Prem.

Meherzan Mazda and Anjali Anand
 Meherzan Mazda and Anjali Anand

It isn’t every day where actors are asked to put on weight at a time when lean figures are celebrated. The lead pair of Dhhai Kilo Prem, Meherzan Mazda and Anjali Anand, who weigh 102 kg and 107 kg respectively, come as a breath of fresh air. In a freewheeling chat, they talk about their growing chemistry and their journey so far. Edited excerpts from the interview:

Anjali, your Transformers phone cover and towering height seem to have cast a spell on Meherzad when you first met, we hear.
Anjali: The first time we met, I had this cool Transformers phone cover. Meherzan loved it, and he went on and on about how eye-catching it is. After that, we just went on discussing about phone covers and which one he should have for his phone.
Meherzan: Besides the phone cover moment, I also noticed her height. I remember when we were shooting our first scene together, Anjali had to stand on a small stool because she was an inch and a half shorter to me. I told her, “You’re tall!” She smiled in agreement.


You guys have been painting the town red. Where do you get all that energy from to party after work?
Anjali: We hardly get a holiday. So Meherzan and I see to it that we attend parties after work. I love dancing. We make the most of these moments.
Meherzan: Whenever we have a holiday, both of us get out and chill with our near and dear ones. We may be exhausted and drained after working, but partying after work always excited us. I guess we need that window to break free since it’s the only way to energise ourselves so we can work better once we are on the sets.

You both have put on weight for the show. Does it trouble you at all?
Anjali: It’s not hampering my health so it doesn’t trouble me at all. I am, in fact, happy that I am making a difference and giving confidence to other girls. I am plump, yet fit. I can do things probably won’t slim girls can’t. People should be active and love what they are doing.
Meherzan: My excess weight is definitely troubling me. I have started snoring, and have trouble sleeping peacefully at night. I also have trouble moving freely. But I am sure it is worth the trouble. Lots of people were approached for playing this character, but they were worried about piling on the pounds. I was the only one who was up for it. Honestly, I have no regrets since things can’t get any more challenging. I think I am pulling it off well despite the odds.

Anjali, you call him a male version of yourself. If you have a khusti between the two of you, who do you think will win?
Anjali: Meherzan will win since he is really strong. He has been active since childhood, and his built is strong. I would be down in a second.
Meherzan: I think Anjali is underestimating herself. She is one of the strongest women I know, and if we have a khusti match in an akhada, she will surely beat me to it.

Anjali, you are a professional dancer. Have you made Meherzan learn some moves?
Anjali: I don’t call myself a professional dancer; I am good at it naturally. I have pursued it as my hobby. I have got it in me because of my mother, as she was a professional dancer. Teaching Meherzan dance moves has been a little difficult since he has just one move! (Laughs). Though I am sure if I were to choreograph him, he would do well.
Meherzan: Anjali is the most graceful dancer I know. She has taught me a few crazy steps but unfortunately, I haven’t been able to master it since I find it troublesome.

You make television’s most unconventional couple but the audience is lapping up your chemistry…
Anjali: I think what works is that we are best friends in real life as well. We understand each other — we know exactly how we are going to behave in a situation. We don’t even have to try too hard for our chemistry. I think the audience has been encouraging even though we don’t make a conventional pair.
Meherzan: Anjali and I connect really well in real life. We are best friends first and then co-stars; that’s what makes our chemistry convincing on-screen.

Rapid Fire
Your favourite corner on the sets:

Anjali: My room.
Meherzan: My vanity van.

Your favourite food on the sets:
Anjali: Badam Chicken which Meherzan gets in his dabba.
Meherzan: Dal-chawal, fried fish.

Your wildest fantasy:
Anjali: None, I live in the moment.
Meherzan: It would be to star in a James Bond film.

Your first crush:
Anjali: The one and only Shah Rukh Khan. I love him.
Meherzan: A girl from my school who I can’t name.

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