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TK Bands stirs up social media with 'Trap Gods'

Published : Jul 20, 2019, 11:50 am IST
Updated : Jul 20, 2019, 11:50 am IST

TK Bands has been performing, he has worked with several well-known celebrities and artists.

TK Bands.
 TK Bands.

Today, social media has become the litmus test for success. You might be a sensation in the offline world, but if you’re not making waves on social media, you can’t be assured of fame.

Jeffrey Almanzar, whose rap name is TK Bands, is a true sensation on social media. He is best known for his song “Never Heard Of” which features Uncle Murda. Just about a month back, he came up with yet another number that is playing in clubs and parties worldwide. “Trap Gods” with its catchy lyrics and upbeat tune is winning hearts all over. Anyone who hears it, can’t help but sing along and shake a leg to this rap number. It is therefore no surprise that “Trap Gods” has garnered more than 12,500 views in the short span, that it’s been live on YouTube.

TK Bands has gone all out to promote his latest music on his Instagram handle where he has a whopping 59.7k followers. The teaser of this song received massive engagement on his Instagram handle. The teaser was viewed more than 4,000 times and has over a hundred comments. The comments on the teaser video range from “I’m excited for this” to “Waiting for this video”. When TK Bands posted 2 snippets of the song after it had gone live on his Instagram handle a week later, it spread like wild fire. Suddenly, everyone was tuned into “Trap Gods”. The 2 snippets received over 6,000 views and 300 comments on TK Band’s Instagram handle. The comments that were left on the snippet videos is what sealed the deal for the artist. Comments like “This is fire”, “Vibing with this”, “The beat goes hard”, “The future rap game is yours” were left on the snippet videos. Several people were also tagging their friends and asking them to see the video. All of this combined is how TK Bands managed to stir up social media with his latest release “Trap Gods”.

However, not many know that 24-year-old Jeffrey didn’t have it easy in life. His father left his mother and him to fend for themselves when hewas young. Jeffrey dropped out of school at the age of 15, as he was getting into a lot of trouble. Soon after, came a moment when he picked up his pen and wrote down his frustrations. He did this because he believed that he had a story worth telling and he wanted people to hear it. Jeffrey noticed that he was writing long pages about his feelings which he then translated into poems. The poems were then given beats and a rhythm and soon, they were full-blown songs. Before he knew it, Jeffrey was recording his first song in a studio. When he asked a couple of his friends to hear the recorded version, they appreciated it and that’s how Jeffrey’s journey began as TK Bands.

In the 5 years that TK Bands has been performing, he has worked with several well-known celebrities and artists. Jeffrey hopes to keep making good music and take-home awards someday.

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