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Game for a night of surprise

Published : Jun 2, 2018, 12:59 am IST
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It’s a film, it’s cheesy, and it takes off quite suddenly. Other than that, watch it for Jason Bateman, who is quite the pro at this genre of comedy.

The plot revolves around a couple who fall in love while competing with each other at quiz night.
 The plot revolves around a couple who fall in love while competing with each other at quiz night.

Game night
Star rating: 3.5

The plot revolves around a couple who fall in love while competing with each other at quiz night. Max (played by Jason Bateman) and Annie (Rachel McAdams) seem to be throwing themselves into their game nights with friends in an attempt to evade the ongoing debate on whether or not to have a kid. Cheesy start: Check!

Letting your guard down because you’re secretly loving that fuzzy feeling that’s kicking in and you’re not expecting the rest of the 100 minutes of playtime to get any worse than the first five minutes anyway: CHECK.

Movie really takes off: DOUBLE CHECK! Max and his brother Brooks also share a competitive relationship, and when Brooks calls everyone over to his place for another Game Night that is going to be “very different,” things begin to take shape; the cheese melts, giving way to a solid comedy that’s well-worth a watch.

Although, I’m not going to rate this movie more than 3.5 stars (that’s only 30 out of 100 tomatoes gone bad), I will say that Jason Bateman is truly the master of this particular genre of comedy. I’m not sure if there’s actually a name for it yet, but let’s just call it feel-good comedy. I’m quite certain he must be as much fun in real life as reel.

Rachel McAdams does a great job of supporting him in bringing this fun flick to life along with two other couples who pull in a few laughs as well. McAdams’ on-screen chemistry with Bateman is on point and the other supporting cast members have their own back stories going on, stitching the movie together real tight.

Brooks (played by Kyle Chandler — the guy who looks a bit like Chandler from Friends... You’ll know when you see him), ropes in some funny moments too.

If you do a quick search for the movie, you’ll notice that it’s mystery/ crime genre facet is highlighted over the comedy part. This is because the game being hosted by Brooks turns out to be real, and he’s in a lot of trouble.

Max and Annie soon figure this out, and use their intelligence to outwit the criminals. Moments of ridiculous absurdity in incidents and deciphering what Max’s brother is actually in danger from and for what reason, provide a lack-lustre mind jog. But then again... no one watches a feel good crime comedy to increase mental activity. So, there.

This one is definitely a refreshing, well-rounded and airtight movie that should be on anyone’s list because every once in a while, we could all use a movie that rejuvenates rather than gives your mind a workout.

Did you know? The director was supposed to be Jason Bateman himself, but John Daley and Jonathan Goldstein refused to rewrite the script unless they were made directors.

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