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I’m in no hurry to tell stories, says Ritesh Batra

Published : Mar 24, 2017, 12:06 am IST
Updated : Mar 24, 2017, 6:50 am IST

Ritesh Batra talks to us about the film, his creative process and more.

Ritesh Batra on the sets
 Ritesh Batra on the sets

Director Ritesh Batra is a self-assured man. He likes to take his time and let an idea brew and simmer for a while before he can offer it to the world. His latest film, The Sense of an Ending, an adaptation of a 2011 novel written by British author Julian Barnes, is one such idea. He talks to us about the film, his creative process and more. Edited excerpts from an interview:

The Sense of an Ending has received positive reviews in the US. What are your expectations from the Indian and UK audience?
It’s a much-loved novel and the movie is a true adaptation of it. It is not exactly like the novel, but we have tried to preserve the story. I am curious to see how it's received. I loved working on it.
How was it working with Academy Award winner Jim Broadbent?
Oh he is really great. I mean, he is a collegial man and he's been in the limelight for quite some time. It was very hard to like Tony Webster (the character he is playing in the film) but Jim is so affable and so easy to like. He is such a wonderful actor.  
This is your second film in four years. What took you so long?
(Giggles) I don’t know ma’am. It takes a while, you know. It is important for me to get it (the story) right on stage. I spend a lot of time writing and re-writing and I have actually shot a movie called Our Souls at Night with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda, which I am editing now. I would never make a film just for the sake of making one. I am in no hurry to tell stories or make films.
Nawauddin Siddiqui has revealed that he is doing your next film as the male lead. What is it all about?
I am not ready to talk about it right now, but I will definitely tell you when the time comes. It's hard for me to talk about something that has not started.
The Sense of an Ending is strictly a British film. How is it different from The Lunchbox or any other Bollywood flick in terms of filmmaking?
 How is it different? It is pretty much the same around the world in terms of filmmaking, really. I have worked in three different countries for three very different films so I can say it is pretty much the same working with the crew.  
Your next film with Robert Redford and Jane Fonda has been the talk of the town. So how was it working with these two legendary actors?
 It was wonderful! They are so personable. There is a reason why these two are considered legends. Both Robert and Jane are very dashing and are always trying to tell the deepest possible good story. What I loved the most about that experience is rehearsing with them. While making the film, I had a chance to rehearse with them for a week and that was really special for me.

The film will release in India on April 7

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