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Bollywood more star-driven: Sujoy Ghosh

Published : Jul 17, 2019, 1:34 am IST
Updated : Jul 17, 2019, 1:34 am IST

The filmmaker says that the horror is the star in any horror piece, which is why Bollywood has not explored the genre much.

Sujoy Ghosh
 Sujoy Ghosh

Sujoy Ghosh, whose last film Badla was a money-spinner at the box office, is now gearing up for his horror thriller show Typewriter. The director reveals that he initially wanted to make a film out of it, but it is more liberating to get into the digital space.

“I wanted to make a film, but unfortunately films don’t happen every time you want it to happen because of the budget constraints and all that. When the thought of series came, it sounded better because you can give equal importance to each and every character. It worked out better; it is much tougher, but it works out better because the character has that depth,” Sujoy says.

The director, who is a master of the thriller genre, also feels that horror is a genre that is not cultivated much in Bollywood. “We have not cultivated it, not explored it much. It’s a very brave territory, and our system is more star-driven. In a horror piece, the star is always the horror. So in the typewriter, my typewriter will always be the hero so as long as they are willing to accept that, then please do, but a lot of people are not willing to accept that.”

He adds that people may not be comfortable investing in horror, “because it comes with that adult tag and all that. But times are changing and it is only a more matter of few months,” he explains.

Typewriter, starring Palomi Ghosh and Purab Kohli, will soon release on Netflix.

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