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I do not make an effort to promote myself as brand, says Kirti Kulhari

Published : Apr 7, 2018, 7:18 pm IST
Updated : Apr 7, 2018, 7:18 pm IST

With unconventional roles in small films, actress Kirti Kulhari has surely made it big with 'Pink' and 'Indu Sarkar'.

Kirti Kulhari during one of her movie promotions. (Photo: File)
 Kirti Kulhari during one of her movie promotions. (Photo: File)

Mumbai: With unconventional roles in small films, actress Kirti Kulhari has surely made it big with 'Pink' and 'Indu Sarkar'. The actress believes in breaking the norms and experiments with her role in each film she does. Kirti gets chatty with Deccan Chronicle where she talks about her image, kind of film choices, her forthcoming ventures and more. Excerpts:

How you maintain your unconventional image?

I think since the beginning, I have been attracted to unconventional films. There was ‘Khichdi’, ‘Shaitaan’, ‘Jal’, ‘Sooper Se Ooper’ before ‘Pink’ came out. This wanting of doing unconventional didn’t happen to me post ‘Pink’. It was always been a part of me as an actor. With ‘Pink’, everyone started knowing me and started following my work. If I had not done unconventional cinema, I wouldn’t have done ‘Pink’ either. ‘Pink’ happened to me because I made those choices in the past and after the success, my belief in those choices became even stronger. For me, it is very important to get excited; it could be a small role or a big role. The role has to do something for me. I like to keep breaking the typecast and clichés.

Do you believe ‘Pink’ and ‘Indu Sarkar’ have opened doors for you as an actor?

As I said, ‘Pink’ surely got me in the limelight. Suddenly, all could see what I can do as an actor and that’s how I got ‘Indu Sarkar’. There are a lot of people who see me as a lead actress now but I considered myself as a lead in every film I had done. People had this perception that ‘Pink’ was Taapsee’s film but I am sorry to say that it was primarily the story of three girls; it will always be a story of three girls. I never thought that since I got the title role in ‘Indu Sarkar’, so I will only do such kind of roles. It was just another role for me. In ‘Blackmail’, I might not have a bigger role but the role matters to me and the plot.

What excited you while signing ‘Blackmail’?

The space of the film excited me. It’s a black comedy. It is something which is rarely attempted in Bollywood. The fact that Abhinay Deo was directing was fulfilling and he is someone who has proved himself in the past at black comedy. The idea of the whole story playing out excited me. A lot of people told me that a wife having an extramarital affair is a bold choice to play on screen as a Bollywood actor. In our industry, most of the people like to play white characters only and it was something different.

Has it been difficult for you to promote ‘Kirti Kulhari’ as a brand?

I do not make an effort to promote myself as a brand. I just focus on making the right choices that feel right to me as an actor. My choices may or may not do well but I took them up at that point of time because I felt right. I am not bothered about building a brand.

You are playing an army pilot in a film on Uri attacks…

I got this call two weeks back. My father is a retired Navy officer; my sister is in the army. For me, defence services have been close to my heart. The film is based on the surgical strike and it is a very recent event. I am playing Seerat Kaur who has a back story that why she wanted to join the Army. It’s not a big role and I have a special appearance.

How do you see yourself ahead?

I am doing a film with Randeep Hooda and Shreyas Talpade which is called ‘50-50’ where I am playing a bar singer-dancer. I am starting in May and it is directed by Ashwini Chaudhary. I have a show for Amazon which is called ‘4 more shots please’ which is a story of four crazy girls staying in south Mumbai. It is a fun show. I have short film called ‘Maya’ which is coming out soon.

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