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Shashi Warrier | The insufferable arrogance of writers

A Candid Conversation with a Local Corporator: Politics, Promises, and Accountability

01 Oct 2023 12:05 AM

Laughter NOT the best medicine: Study reveals comics have shorter life expectancy

Comedians and improv artists may ignore warning signs or symptoms of various diseases.

10 May 2018 2:15 PM

How to tell a story, and how not to: Writers, poets debate

Chaudhuri had used a strong four letter expletive to signify his disillusionment with storytelling.

02 Mar 2018 1:27 AM

Cambridge University to ‘decolonise’ Eng Lit course after student demands

Academic department of institution will put less emphasis on white authors and ‘ensure the presence’ of Black and Minority Ethnic writers.

25 Oct 2017 1:58 PM