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Researchers identify presence of deadly microbes and make medical devices infection-free

Researchers find ways to make medical equipment infection-free.

02 Dec 2019 10:11 AM

Novel process discovers how microbes harvest electrons!

Researchers have revealed how one kind of bacteria 'eats' electricity by pulling in electrons straight from an electrode source.

19 Nov 2019 11:58 AM

Nanoparticles can identify deadly microbes on medical equipment

Study finds way to make medical equipment infection-free.

12 Nov 2019 11:20 AM

Microbes can interfere with a drug's intended path

Researches show that Gut microbes can hamper efficacy of medications.

18 Jun 2019 9:10 AM

Scientists to explore underneath of Antarctica ice sheet

Scientist in search of microbes and living things under mercer subglacial lake.

05 Jan 2019 3:50 PM


Black Death could return: Global warming releases lethal microbes from permafrost

Peter Frankopan said melting of ice due to higher global temperatures could unleash biological agents trapped for thousands of years.

23 Oct 2018 1:51 PM

Microbes, viruses may help predict pace of climate change: Study

Many of these bacterial "consumers" and the viruses that influence them have been identified for the first time.

17 Jul 2018 3:40 PM

Certain types of bacteria could help babies' gut

Here is what a new study has found.

10 Jun 2018 2:04 PM

There may be aliens living in the clouds of Venus, claims NASA

Research by international team of scientists says extra-terrestrial microbes may survive by being blown around by winds in cooler clouds.

02 Apr 2018 9:01 AM

Flies have more germs than earlier thought, says study

Recent study finds flies carry hundreds of different species of bacteria, many of which are harmful to humans.

25 Nov 2017 10:05 AM


Smartphones may help combat antimicrobial resistance

UCLA in the US developed a simple and inexpensive smartphone attachment that can conduct automated antimicrobial susceptibility testing

16 Dec 2016 5:27 PM

ATM machines may be loaded with harmful bacteria

The keypad may be loaded with bacterias from spoiled food to parasites that may also cause sexually transmitted disease (STDs).

18 Nov 2016 1:21 PM