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WhatsApp update could help you with naked selfies

The latest update could save you from countless embarrassing mistakes.

26 Jun 2019 12:48 PM

WhatsApp threatens legal action against public claims of messaging abuses

WhatsApp has focused legal action on abuses for which it had found internal evidence.

12 Jun 2019 9:55 AM

Instagram Direct to be killed off soon

Instagram will automatically move the conversations of the app on the main app.

17 May 2019 11:06 AM

IceWarp, Orient Technologies collaborate for messaging, collaboration solutions

With this collaboration, the company aims to increase its user-base substantially.

08 Mar 2019 10:57 AM

Google is working on 'chat' – a new messaging service

Google is trying to revamp the default texting experience on all Android phones, bringing it on par modern messaging apps.

20 Apr 2018 5:29 PM


Now you can delete accidentally sent message after an hour on WhatsApp

The latest beta build suggests that a user can delete the sent message after 4,096 seconds (an hour approx) instead of 7-minutes time limit.

04 Mar 2018 9:19 PM

Die with me – a unique chatting app which only lets you chat at 5 per cent battery

A Belgium based app developer, named Dries Depoorter, has come with this refreshing idea of a messaging app

20 Jan 2018 7:03 PM

Truecaller solves cluttered OTP messages and improves flash

As we sit and wait for the OTP to appear in our inbox, the bigger hassle is when trying to copy the code. Truecaller has a solution.

11 Jan 2018 1:29 PM

WhatsApp to stop working on two major platforms on Dec 31

New Year’s eve will bring some bad news for WhatsApp users on two major mobile platforms.

25 Dec 2017 6:24 PM

Hike messenger brings new features to groups

The ‘Bill Split’ feature allows users to share the bills with their friends on the group via Hike Wallet.

15 Dec 2017 11:08 AM


Instagram brings its own messenging app 'Direct'

The move is similar to what Facebook did with its private messaging feature in 2014.

08 Dec 2017 11:06 AM

Ping: SMS celebrates its 25th birthday

The first SMS was sent from a computer to a mobile phone on Dec 3, 1992.

04 Dec 2017 9:15 PM

You might not require a phone number to use Google Allo

Allo is already facing tough competition from other services such as iMessage and Facebook Messenger.

04 Dec 2017 1:36 PM

WhatsApp's new feature to give more power to group admins

WhatsApp has reportedly submitted the ‘Restricted Groups’ setting via Google Play Programme in version 2.17.430.

03 Dec 2017 12:35 PM

Users can still read their deleted messages on WhatsApp

A report claims that WhatsApp messages that are deleted are actually kept on the device and can easily be accessed.

17 Nov 2017 5:31 PM


WhatsApp's new feature to let you switch between video and audio calls

Currently, users have to disconnect the voice call and redial in order to make a video call on WhatsApp.

17 Nov 2017 1:06 PM

Paytm enters the instant messaging arena with 'Inbox'

Paytm has added the option to recall messages in case they have been accidentally sent to another person

10 Nov 2017 4:08 PM

How to delete a week old WhatsApp message

A sneaky workaround that enables you to delete messages that are not just more than seven minutes old, but up to seven days old.

06 Nov 2017 4:17 PM

WhatsApp back online after suffering outage in multiple countries

Users in countries from Myanmar to Russia and Vietnam to Brazil reported that WhatsApp was down in their countries too on social media.

03 Nov 2017 3:44 PM

WhatsApp finally starts pushing 'Delete for Everyone' feature

Both sender and recipient should have the updated version to use the new feature.

27 Oct 2017 4:11 PM