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lunar eclipse

AA Edit | A tale of two eclipses

As we witnessed it, we were one human race, but obviously, two clearly distinct sets of people

10 Nov 2022 12:15 AM

Partial lunar eclipse tonight, to last three hours

The greatest partial eclipse when the Moon will look the darkest will be around 3 am.

16 Jul 2019 12:16 PM

Varanasi Ganga Aarti to be performed at 3 pm today due to lunar eclipse

As per Hindu beliefs, no religious ritual can be performed and temples remain closed for specified period before, during and after eclipse.

16 Jul 2019 11:09 AM

All you need to know about India's partial lunar eclipse on July 17

As per US space agency NASA, the lunar eclipse will be at its peak at precisely 10.31pm BST on July 16 (3:01 am IST on July 17).

15 Jul 2019 3:39 PM

Cosmic events like eclipses prompt vast behavioural changes in animals

Lunar and solar eclipses make animals do strange things and cause behavioural changes.

04 Jul 2019 1:33 PM


Bitter cold cancels some lunar eclipse festivities

Star gazers from Los Angeles to New York had planned to gather at parks and observatories to keep their eyes on the sky.

21 Jan 2019 11:19 AM

Show of the month: Super Blood Wolf Moon ahead

The total eclipse, which will begin minutes before midnight on the East Coast (0500 GMT).

19 Jan 2019 11:06 AM

'Blood moon' dazzles skygazers in century's longest eclipse

Widespread monsoon rainstorms and thick clouds hid the moon across much of India, which should have had a prime view.

28 Jul 2018 10:28 AM

21st Century's longest lunar eclipse will take place on July 27

The total eclipse will last 1 hour, 42 minutes and 57 seconds, though a partial eclipse precedes and follows.

26 Jul 2018 9:51 AM

When the red moon shines

As stargazers lift their faces upward to catch a glimpse of this phenomenon, there are others who huddle superstitiously indoors.

31 Jan 2018 12:08 AM


Blue moon lunar eclipse predicted to happen on 31st January

This rare phenomenon is expected to occur after 152 years and the next one is expected to come only around 2028.

03 Jan 2018 2:51 PM

Rains, overcast sky mar lunar eclipse viewing in capital

The penumbral part of the lunar eclipse, which is difficult to discern, began at 9:20 pm.

08 Aug 2017 7:42 AM