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University trends

Your woes of waking up every morning and confused what to wear to college is now simplified with these tips.

18 Jul 2019 1:21 AM

Fashion not for all!

Runway designs go innovative to the extent that netizens are finding it too hard to handle.

23 Jun 2019 1:42 AM

Haute Indian summer

This summer calls for easy, breezy and unconventional takes on traditional occasion wear for the wedding season.

28 May 2019 12:29 AM

Block your favourite colours

Bollywood stars show you how to wear multiple colours and yet not look like a Circus clown.

25 Mar 2019 1:23 AM

Fashion forward

Fashion experts predict trends and styles to look forward to this year.

02 Jan 2019 12:07 AM


It’s all in the ‘micro’ details!

This popular style concept from the 90s has been revived once again, as filmstars and fashionistas showcase the trend at glam parties.

20 Dec 2018 1:25 AM

Get experimental with the ‘Pantjama’

Confused over what to wear this monsoon season? Look no further, our fashion guru gives you his expert advice.

20 Aug 2018 12:18 AM

A fashionable belt up!

Corsets might have a dicey place in history, but they are making a comeback.

16 May 2017 12:15 AM