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Get experimental with the ‘Pantjama’

Published : Aug 20, 2018, 12:18 am IST
Updated : Aug 20, 2018, 12:18 am IST

Confused over what to wear this monsoon season? Look no further, our fashion guru gives you his expert advice.

Cotton stretch bottoms and a lose  t-shirt.
 Cotton stretch bottoms and a lose t-shirt.

It’s the time of the year when you’re short of choices. There’s always a dilemma about whether to choose comfort over fashion over vice versa. But, with the humidity and mushiness that comes with monsoon, it’s always a smart option to choose fashion that sustains. And, it’s not hard to put your stylish foot forward, if you manage to dress smart and comfortably, of course!

To begin with, urban men should carry a few layers ranging from bright inner-wear to subtle outwear this season. I love to carry off a PANTJAMA (Pant with a comfort of a pyjama). These bottoms are extremely comfortable and should be made of breathable cottons to ensure quick dry in case we get wet in the rain. Pair with it a bright coloured t-shirt and a subtle coloured preferable grey, black, maroon, beige long jacket or a blazer.

One could also wear a Chinese collar shirt with a casual blazer. Apart from looking chic it also protects us from the monsoon breeze and looks extremely stylish.

Another accessory you could carry for a cold rainy day is a nice printed cravat or a bright coloured muffler below a nice crisp shirt and blazer or a casual long over coat.

As a designer I would also recommend a few style tips I personally vouch by, keeping this season in mind.

1) Always wear a bright print or  a bright colour during the rainy season. It will make you look out of the gloom while making others feel good looking at you.

2) A hoodie jacket can be paired with a bright cotton t-shirt and Stretch pants.

3) Wear high platform shoes to avoid soaking your feet in the monsoon puddle. This could also add as a style statement where you could roll up your pants to show off the high platform shoes.

4) Never wear shades of brown, black or grey as it just adds to the gloom of the season.

5) Try and experiment with cotton stretch bottoms instead of jeans as it would make you feel light and also not worry you too much incase you get wet.

Everyone has their own individual style but always remember monsoon is the best time you can carry off a bright colour or a bold print without hurting anyone’s eye. So let’s make everyone’s day bright this monsoon

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