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IT professionals

IT staff caught in US H-1B freeze

Trump's proclamation extends freeze till March 31 citing job loss

02 Jan 2021 12:58 AM

Remote working not suitable for 99.8pc of IT workforce, says study of 10,000 job seekers

They were resistant to learning and exploring (95%), had poor communication skills (65%) and lacked planning and execution abilities (71%)

10 Apr 2020 6:05 PM

61 per cent of IT professionals have experienced a serious data breach

McAfee’s study demonstrates the need for a cybersecurity strategy that includes implementing integrated security solutions.

30 Apr 2019 6:16 PM

TCS among top 10 firms to get foreign labour certification for H-1B visas

Ending on September 30, TCS had received 20,755 H-1B specialty occupation labour certifications.

23 Oct 2018 1:13 PM

PM Modi seeks views on how IT, electronic sectors can help make 'new India'

On Oct 24, prime minister will address a huge

19 Oct 2018 3:30 PM


US extends suspension of premium processing for H-1B visas

Under the premium processing, the USCIS has to respond within 15 days to the H-1B visa petitions submitted to it.

29 Aug 2018 10:16 AM

IT hiring plans likely to edge up in April-September: Survey

IT professionals can expect reasonable opportunities, the survey said.

08 May 2018 4:42 PM

US Congressional committee votes to raise salary of H-1B visa holders

The bill prohibits H-1B dependent employers from replacing American workers with H-1B employees, there are no longer any exceptions.

16 Nov 2017 10:36 AM

US economy will find it difficult to cope with reality: Prabhu on H-1B visa issue

Trump administration this week made it more difficult for renewal of H-1B and L1, popular among Indian IT professionals.

28 Oct 2017 5:46 PM

US lawmakers should make sure H-1B not abused: Indian-American Congressman

Khanna said obviously it would be illegal to single out any company based on nationality or based on race or religion.

14 Sep 2017 2:05 PM


H-1B visa for professionals would not come down: Nirmala

Any change in visa norms can affect the movement of labour as well as spike operational costs for IT players.

20 May 2017 4:29 PM

IT to layoff up to 2 lakh engineers annually for next 3 years: report

Contrary to media reports of 56,000 IT professionals to lose jobs this year.

14 May 2017 6:22 PM

2 Indian-Americans indicted on H-1B visa fraud

If convicted, Jayavel Murugan, 46, and Syed Nawaz, 40, will face up to 20 years in prison or up to USD 250,000 of fine or both.

29 Mar 2017 10:32 AM

H-1B visa curbs coming soon, promises Trump's pick for attorney general

In the past, both Mr Sessions and Mr Grassley have worked together to bring legislations on H-1B visas that badly hit Indian IT companies.

12 Jan 2017 12:52 PM