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Europe story: Muslims are judged over a handshake

The case of Farah Alhajeh may seem like victory in the individual sense of receiving damages and being vindicated.

24 Aug 2018 5:45 AM

Limp handshake could mean you're at risk of a deadly heart attack, says study

Studies show feeble grip may condemn us to prematurely losing our good health and intelligence.

09 May 2018 12:24 PM

Men with a strong handshake are more likely to get married

A stronger grip is known to indicate health of a person as it is also associated with lower risk of heart disease.

29 Apr 2018 5:05 PM

Australia: Male Muslim students can refuse to shake hands with women

Female presenters, at the college’s awards ceremony, were told that male Muslim would not shake their hands.

20 Feb 2017 3:37 PM