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Pradeep S Mehta and Sidharth Narayan

Huawei’s 5G trouble: A bitter pill that the world must swallow

The year 2020 is not expected to be any different for the telecom goliath.

21 Feb 2020 2:47 AM

Geopolitics & the rollout of 5G: The way forward

Huawei, China’s biggest tech firm, is caught in the middle of this global tech tussle.

18 Jan 2020 2:55 AM

5G tech will pave way for new applications, services & solutions

Moving onto a business perspective, various industrial applications are likely to open up with 5G.

30 Oct 2019 12:31 AM

Why building consumer trust is vital in an age of data-driven innovation

The theme to mark this year’s celebrations is “Trusted Smart Products”.

15 Mar 2019 12:15 AM