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Fortis Healthcare asks Sebi to order arrest of ex-promoters

Published : Feb 25, 2019, 12:28 pm IST
Updated : Feb 25, 2019, 12:53 pm IST

Sebi coordinated Fortis’s ex-promoters and several promoter cos to pay secured inter-corporate loans that had gone out of Fortis.

Former promoters of Fortis Healthcare Ltd, Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh. (Photo: ANI)
 Former promoters of Fortis Healthcare Ltd, Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh. (Photo: ANI)

New Delhi: Fortis Healthcare Ltd has inquired the Security Exchange board of India (Sebi) to instruct the arrest of its ex-promoters, chairman Ravi Rajagopal said, after they were unsuccessful in returning occupied cash as instructed by the market watchdog.

On 17 October, Securities and Exchange Board of India (Sebi) coordinated Fortis’s ex-promoters Singh brothers and several promoter companies to pay the secured inter-corporate loans that had gone out of Fortis within 90 days. The loan amounted to Rs 472 crore

“Since they have failed to refund the due amounts in compliance of Sebi order, an application under Section 28 A of Sebi Act has been filed, praying for recovery and directions against the entities," Rajagopal said in an interview on Friday.

Separated from brothers Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh, the Sebi order named RHC holdings, Shivi Holdings Pvt Ltd, Malav Holdings Pvt Ltd, Religare Finvest Ltd, Best Healthcare Pvt Ltd, Plant healthcare Pvt. Ltd and Modland Wears Pvt Ltd.

In reaction to an inquiry, Shivinder Singh said he was not in a position of decision-making and authority when these loans and advances were made as he had resigned officially from all official posts in Fortis in September 2015.

“I have cooperated in all my interactions with Sebi and made my position clear. These decisions on ICDs were taken after my retirement and I have no role to play in its planning or execution. Even Fortis is well aware of the facts and my position on this matter. I reiterate, I will never do harm to the institution that I’ve built from the first brick. Anyone who has ever worked with me in Fortis would support this position. People with vested interests are diverting the attention, misleading the regulators to deflect the heat from themselves as they have done in the past. “I’m confident the truth will prevail and the regulators will carefully examine the role of all decision makers individually and do justice," he said.

Emails sent to Malvinder Singh remained unanswered till press time.

In its 13 February appeal, Fortis inquired the controller to conjure Section 28 A, beneath which a person can be arrested and held in jail. Under the same section, properties can be attached from defaulted entities, including bank accounts of their beneficiaries, successors, lawful representatives to the extent of the total loan accounts and intrigued immediately.

Rajagopal said Sebi’s investigations had found that the monies went to entities related to the ex-promoters. “Sebi has meanwhile been doing its own investigations and they came out with their orders in October last year where they went beyond our investigation because they have the right to call for information, they have forensic capability and they trail the ultimate destination of those monies and clearly established that it was the former promoter related entities that were responsible for the monies and therefore, those monies were owed back by the former promoters and their related entities," he stated.

After preliminary investigations, Sebi passed had an order on 17 October, watching Fortis gave secured inter-corporate loans to the entities specified earlier.

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