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  Good times for Arjun Rampal

Good times for Arjun Rampal

Published : Nov 6, 2016, 11:05 pm IST
Updated : Nov 6, 2016, 11:05 pm IST

Model-turned-actor Arjun Rampal is a happy man. He has three releases coming up and his mother is surviving breast cancer. “Touchwood, she is recovering at a quick pace.

Arjun Rampal with wife Mehr
 Arjun Rampal with wife Mehr

Model-turned-actor Arjun Rampal is a happy man. He has three releases coming up and his mother is surviving breast cancer. “Touchwood, she is recovering at a quick pace. She is an iron lady and the driving force of our family. However, she has come to terms with the ailment and knows that this is the way she will need to live on, happily. That’s important for us.”

As a person, Arjun is strongheaded and never gets deterred by anything — be it the box office or any controversy in the media. “When my mom reads about them, she asks me, ‘why do they have to lie ’” he laughs.

Arjun has not had many releases lately and is excited about his upcoming film Rock On 2. “Since I was associated with Rock On, doing this film feels great. My daughters are keen that I should be doing more films. They have watched the trailer of Rock On 2 and Kahaani 2 and have liked the former, however, they did not understand Kahaani... My elder daughter Maahika feels it’s a supernatural film. Someday, I will do a supernatural film for them,” says Arjun who feels Maahika has the acting bug and might take it up as a profession.

“We will be there for our kids and support them in whatever they would like to pursue,” says Arjun.

Memories of his childhood days at Deolali are dear to him. “We loved outdoors — climbing the mountains, fishing, swimming and horse-riding. We even watched movies in open theatres. It was amazing. I remember after watching, Betaab, I was damn influenced by the movie,” says Arjun.

Speaking of today’s generation, “These days, kids keep playing video games and are constantly on the computer, online. We literally have to push them out of the house. They get everything readily from Google but what they grasp is important. In a way, it is a good thing. During our days, we would have to make trunk calls to get information about our friends and relatives,” recollects Arjun.

Speaking of innovation and imagination, Arjun remembers narrating bedtime stories to his kids. “At certain instances, they could feel what I was narrating. Like when I would tell them we are rowing in a boat, now there are solid waves in the sea and there is a big shark around us, all of them would cling to me, holding me tight thinking that they might be harmed by the fish or be drowned. It was fun and all this is missing in this fast- paced life. We all are rushing against time. The plus point about today’s generation is – they are far more confident than us. And don’t fear anything,” he concludes.