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Age on Sunday

Art work from the series Identitty by Indu

Gutsy she talks

Indian women have finally started talking about sex, pleasure and their bodies, though society still doesn’t expect it from ‘classy’ women.

Krishna Sobti

Piecing together Partition

Krishna Sobti’s last novel tells a moving tale about loss and despair but also about resilience and the strength of a woman’s spirit.

Take the right step

This exercise enables you to stay fit and toned as it offers a full body workout.

I don’t propagate infidelity, but understand human nature: Alia Bhatt

Unlike her contemporaries, Alia’s filmography boasts of a well-balanced collection of diverse genres to her name.

Skye’s elfin charm

The anecdotes and folklore shared by the guide about the locales we visited made the trip even more memorable.

A Culinary Exchange

The fragrance, flavours and colours of Persian cuisine have long transcended geographical borders to reach other parts of the world, including India.

A cultural showcase

Film director and artist B. Narsing Rao’s coffee table book on Bonalu effectively captures the spirit and colours of one of Telangana’s imp festivals.