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Strength and Functionality

Published : Mar 10, 2019, 5:14 am IST
Updated : Mar 10, 2019, 5:14 am IST

Expert Ajay Yadav is tailored to not only focus on improving one’s strength but also manifests its benefits by improving your functionality.

Hammer grip Pull up to leg raise
 Hammer grip Pull up to leg raise

Hammer grip Pull up to leg raise
Primary Muscle — Back muscles, Abdominal muscles, Hip flexor.
Secondary Muscle — Pectoralis major and minor (chest muscles), rear deltoid (shoulders)

This movement very effectively targets your lattisimus dorsi (back muscles) along with your core. This advance movement is a combination of two movements. The ‘hammer grip pull up’ flexes and extends your back muscles along with strengthening the biceps brachii muscle and the ‘leg raise’ gives isometric contraction to the core, which results in strong abs.


Hold the rod handles with hammer grip keeping your arms extended.
Inhale and with the support of the palms pull your upper body towards the ceiling. Try to level your chin with the bar.
Exhale and lower your upper body while holding on to the handles.
While exhaling, lift both the legs as high as possible. See to it that your knees are not bent during the movement. 

Weighted donkey kicks

Primary Muscle —  Glutes and hamstrings
Secondary Muscle — Abs, arms

This movement shapes up your glutes and works on your hamstrings as well. This is a very effective movement to reduce fat from your lower back. Since you will be supporting your weight on your arms, this move will strengthen your arms as well.


Position yourself on all fours, with the same distance between your arms and knees.
Place your right foot on the smith machine and lift your leg up while supporting your weight on your  arms and left knee.


Drop Kicks
Primary Muscle — Glutes.
Secondary Muscle — Hamstrings.

Drop kicks are absolutely marvellous if you want to sharpen your love handles, reducing the belly fat. This movement improves the mobility in the pelvic joint as it encourages full range of motion in the pelvic girdle.

Stand straight with widened legs with a  space of one foot in between.
Raise your right leg without bending your knee and move your leg in a circular motion from inside.
While making the circle, try to raise your leg as high as possible and also see to it that your body is not swinging too much.



Primary Muscle — Erector Spine (Back)
Secondary Muscle —Glutes, hamstrings, Quads

Hyperextension is one of the most effective movements of strengthening the lower back. This forges the curve of your back and defines your glutes.

This can be done either on the back extension machine or even on a bench.
On machine:
Adjust the machine according to your height.
Place your feet on the foot rest and assume the position without bending the knees.
Cross your arms and place the palms on opposite shoulders. While exhaling bend your upper body forward.
While inhaling lift your upper body.

On Bench:
Position yourself on the bench with your lower body on the bench and upper body in mid-air.
You can either stick your feet on the bench or take partner support to hold your feet.



Dead Lift

Primary Muscle —  Hamstring, Quads, Glutes
Secondary muscle — Back, Abs, grip strength, arms.

Dead lift is not only one of the most recommended but also the most avoided movements of all the traditional exercises. The lift really works on your entire body. All the major muscle groups are hit by this movement. Many experts have said that if you could only do just one movement then ‘Deadlift’ is your movement. I highly recommend that you include deadlift in your workout routine for overall body strength.

Stand shoulder width apart with the barbell positioned above your feet.
Hold the barbell with either reverse or normal grip.
Lower your hips with a straight back. Inhale and lift, stand straight while keeping the chest out.



Ajay Yadav is a fitness expert and managing director of LeoFlexPro

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