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Trinamul Congress party has turned into a Taliban Congress party: Shahnawaz Hussain

Published : Jun 10, 2018, 12:35 am IST
Updated : Jun 10, 2018, 6:36 am IST

TMC supremo and its leaders are scared of BJP's growing popularity and support in the state, says Shahnawaz Hussain.

Former Union Minister and BJP national spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain.
 Former Union Minister and BJP national spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain.

With his party supporters getting attacked and some even getting killed allegedly by the West Bengal's ruling party TMC cadre, former Union minister and BJP's national spokesperson Shahnawaz Hussain in an interview to YOJNA GUSAI that the TMC supremo and chief minister Mamata Banerjee should start reading the signs of the growing support in the state for the BJP to overthrow her misrule

Q. Your party has been accusing the TMC of being engaged in political killing of your party's workers and supporters. Why?
A. In politics, there are political opponents, not personal enemies. But it seems that Mamata Banerjee's TMC does not believe in this. Her party cadre are engaged in brutal attack and political killing of their adversaries. Under TMC, even the adminstration is behaving like TMC cadre. There is no doubt that the TMC has surpassed the legacy of the Communists in the way they plan and execute the attack and killing of their opponents in Kerala. Look at the manner our supporters and workers have been attacked in the past and also the manner in which our two workers were killed over the recently concluded panchayat elections in Purulia. If the panchayat polls were held free and fair, the results would have been very different. Trinamul Congress has turned into a Taliban Congress party.

Q. Taliban Congress Party?
A. Photographs of our (BJP) workers who were killed by the TMC cadre reminded many of the brutal manner the (then President of Afghanistan) Dr. Najibullah was hanged by the Taliban who took over Afghanistan. TMC cadre are turning into Taliban. I want to ask Mamata Di, who is her party's idol, what is their ideology? Is TMC's ideology is to kill anyone who do not agree to their diktat.

Q. Why do you think the TMC is doing this?
A. TMC supremo and its leaders are scared of BJP's growing popularity and support in the state. The BJP is the biggest challenge for Ms Banerjee in the state because she knows that it is the only growing force which is giving her party a tough competition and has organisational strength and people's support to take on the TMC.

Q. But even other partys workers, including CPI(M) and Congress have alleged that their workers have also been attacked.
A.  But their party leaders are busy forming the so called grand alliance against the BJP in the name of secularism along with Mamata Di whose own party is attacking and killing its opponents. They have no problem is joining hands with the party who attack and kill their cadre. What message does this send ? But I have a message for Mamata di. She should start reading the signs. After demolishing Communists bastion in Tripura, BJP will form government in West Bengal, which is desperately looking for  a change. Unlike the Communists and the TMC, who indulge in violence to attack their opponents, our ideology and peoples support will be our weapons against Mamata Banerjee's party.

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