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Shobhaa De | Wine is nice… Raut and the Rubaiyyat go well together

My problem is not with wine being made available in supermarkets, it is with wine being described as a non-alcoholic drink.

05 Feb 2022 12:37 AM

Wide diversity of microclimates facilitates mind-boggling variety of grapes

California's Paso Robles area offers wine-tasters variety.

12 Dec 2019 11:29 AM

Washington becomes force in the wine industry

From modest beginnings, Washington now a force in wine world.

28 Nov 2019 9:53 AM

Here is how to choose ideal wine for thanksgiving

The ideal wine for Thanksgiving dinner? It's complicated.

12 Nov 2019 10:21 AM

US opens 1st cannabis cafe, offers array of weed products

Lowell Farms: A Cannabis Cafe, the much-hyped 240-seat establishment is open to people 21 and over.

02 Oct 2019 12:54 PM


Compounds in wine can help in staying strong

Red wine compound may help astronauts stay strong: Study.

19 Jul 2019 9:18 AM

Know the essential factor of good wine tasting

A waste of good wine? Non! Spitting is essential to tasting.

10 Jul 2019 11:52 AM

Spain now has wine aged under the seabed

When the winemaker wore a wet suit: Spain's $100 subsea tipple

21 Jun 2019 5:49 PM

India getting drunk more than ever before

China, India contribute to the growing global alcohol thirst according to the latest study by The Lancet journal.

08 May 2019 3:01 PM

The secret to avoid hangovers

Beer vs wine: Does not matter what you drink first, you will still end up drunk.

09 Feb 2019 8:51 PM


Here is a glass of hot wine!

Wine is definetly an inevitable part of fine dining. How about trying a piping hot spicy mulled wine.

20 Jan 2019 1:03 AM

Wine etiquette: Here are rules of drinking wine

Wine etiquette is an art that is rather learnt over time in order to proficiently master its integrities.

23 Oct 2018 1:01 PM

Link found between better sleep quality, healthy diet

Some aspects of the Mediterranean diet may promote better sleep; alternatively, poor sleep may cause people to eat less healthy foods.

07 Sep 2018 9:00 AM

Sacre bleu! Blue wine makes a splash in southern France

Holidaymakers and local residents have drunk their way through the first 2,000-bottle consignment of the turquoise-coloured chardonnay

12 Aug 2018 1:04 PM

Rooftop vineyard brings local wine to New Yorkers

Devin Shomaker’s rooftop grapes will not produce their first barrel of wine until 2019.

29 Jun 2018 12:46 PM


Opera pairing with circus acts to dispel stuffy image

There's a wide range of performances, including a tightwire piece, dance trapeze, hand balancing on canes, aerial work, among others.

04 Jun 2018 9:40 AM

6 steps to lose weight and still drink wine

While there are limits to how much you can binge drink and eat at the same time, it is not completely improbable.

02 Jun 2018 2:05 PM

Low strength alcohol could increase consumption

Reducing consumption of alcohol is a public health priority in many countries.

26 Apr 2018 4:04 PM

Avoid these 5 food items to stop staining teeth

Acids eat away at tooth enamel and expose little holes in it, making it look more like the surface of a sponge and causes staining.

18 Apr 2018 10:36 AM

Study finds wine keeps arteries healthier for some diabetics

Previous research linked drinking moderate amounts of wine to lower risk of cardiovascular disease.

26 Feb 2018 10:18 AM