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Syrian army

Syrian Army continue offensive to retake rebel-controlled areas

‘We are heading to the towns of Tal Balah, Jalameh, and Jubain,’ a Syrian officer said in the village of Kafr Houd.

10 Jun 2019 3:34 PM

US-led air strike hits key military positions in east Syria: State media

A military source of forces allied to Syria's govt said the strikes had targeted two regime military positions near a frontline with IS.

24 May 2018 1:30 PM

Syrian army says ‘enemy’ rockets hit military bases, killed 26

In a news flash, state television said the missile attacks took place at 10.30 pm.

30 Apr 2018 12:21 PM

Syrian rebels retreat from enclave northeast of Damascus

President Bashar al-Assad, backed by Russia and Iran, is seeking to wipe out the last few rebel enclaves near Damascus.

21 Apr 2018 6:28 PM

Where is ISIS headed? Just link the dots

The summit was an excellent exposition primarily on the Middle East and marginally on Europe.

14 Oct 2017 1:23 AM


Syrian army takes ISIS-held town in Homs province, says monitor

Monitor says government troops have taken last ISIS-held town in Homs as army advances towards ISIL strongholds in east.

06 Aug 2017 8:07 AM

Russia condemns US downing of Syria warplane as act of aggression

Russia said it was suspending its interaction with the US on preventing air incidents over Syria from June 19.

19 Jun 2017 5:32 PM

Syrian army, Iraqi militia forces step up bombing of rebels in Deraa city

The intensive raids and bombing strikes mainly pounded the southern part of Deraa, strategically located on the border with Jordan.

12 Jun 2017 11:40 AM

Syria: 19 including rebel fighters dead in blast

Syrian forces have been occasionally accused of planting explosives to target opposition fighters.

02 Jun 2017 12:28 PM

In Aleppo, Assad supporters shout their joy after regime victory

The final phase of the evacuation ended when a convoy carrying nearly 150 people departed towards rebel-held areas outside the city.

23 Dec 2016 9:39 AM


Air strikes to go on till Syria ‘bandits’ bombed

Russia’s top diplomat also accused the American side of “strange” behaviour for allegedly flip-flopping on their own proposal.

10 Dec 2016 5:40 AM