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Study finds stress alters brain and is contagious

Scientists who conducted experiment on rats further add that results could prove true for humans.

13 Mar 2018 4:43 PM

Stress can be contagious: study

We readily communicate our stress to others, sometimes without even knowing it.

10 Mar 2018 6:21 PM

Research suggests stress can turn out to be contagious

The researchers discovered that the activation of these CRH neurons causes the release of a chemical signal.

09 Mar 2018 3:43 PM

Drug-resistant gonorrhoea can spread during oral sex

WHO revealed three people globally have already developed 'super gonorrhoea'.

07 Aug 2017 2:02 PM

This monsoon, let's be HepAware!

WHO reports Hepatitis A is one of the most frequent causes of food-borne infections

19 Jul 2017 11:26 AM