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Brexiteers ready to break-up UK

Every day for the last two weeks at least — the opening scenes of the possible final act played out — nothing is certain.

19 Oct 2019 4:46 AM

Gangotri is melting: Will Indians respond with world’s largest ‘XR’?

Hundreds of them have been arrested by the police who are, unlike the police forces of Hong Kong, been benign but firm.

12 Oct 2019 12:05 AM

Charity, genuinely

Even 50 years later, houses of my ramshackle neighbourhood stand as they stood.

05 Oct 2019 1:47 AM

As the adventures in Blunderland turn uglier, will BoJo survive as the Master?

Now the majority of the Bestminster Parlez-shop are opposed to this scheme of leaving the European Bunion without a deal.

28 Sep 2019 6:35 AM

As the Parsi population dwindles in India, will some dating advice help?

These stalwarts will advise young Parsi men on how to conduct themselves during a date with Parsi girls.

21 Sep 2019 2:30 AM


Cannabis is a comedic mystery, but only as long as it’s a forbidden fruit

Cannabis is a historical tradition in the subcontinent.

14 Sep 2019 7:08 AM

Dear Boris, it seems you aren’t well disposed to Westminster democracy

You constantly tell the public that Great Britain will be made great again outside the EU.

07 Sep 2019 12:06 AM

Will UK Parliament suspension split the Tories?

Britain, unlike India, the United States or other democracies has no written constitution.

31 Aug 2019 12:10 AM

Welcome to Boris in Wonderland, with the supporters of democracy

The date is significant because it’s when witches and other mythical creatures emerge and demand a trick or treat.

24 Aug 2019 3:55 AM

Imposing linguistic quirks on others is complicated

From time immemorial, people have changed their religion or changed their names in the pursuit of historical justice.

17 Aug 2019 7:53 AM


The pressure of being ‘intellectual’: When insults fly amid literary spats

It is certainly, even apart from Auden’s observations, looked down upon in British culture.

10 Aug 2019 12:10 AM

Racism is the secret allure of the ‘Take Back Control’ call of UK PM

The Nazis, Brown Shirts and imperial Japanese came to rule their countries though hard-core patriotic appeal.

03 Aug 2019 1:17 AM

In going for no deal, Boris Johnson should beware the Ides of March

The population of Britain is approximately 67 million.

27 Jul 2019 12:05 AM

Great singers, musicians continue to stay fresh

Last weekend in London, another pair of survivors gave a concert in Hyde Park.

20 Jul 2019 7:22 AM

Can’t UK govt correspond safely?

The medium became the mistaken message — but of course without the mistaken interpretation there would be no plot and no drama.

13 Jul 2019 5:06 AM


Why do migrants prefer to go to the West?

The immigration services and media of the UK make a distinction between “genuine” migrants and “economic” migrants.

06 Jul 2019 12:31 AM

Boris Johnson is a hypocrite: Yes, even British irony rusts

The lack of self-consciousness is staggering — or perhaps typically British.

29 Jun 2019 12:20 AM

‘I hereby vow to refuse to serve in a Boris Johnson Cabinet’

If Uncle Tom Sajid were to get to the post of Prime Minister through this undemocratic process, I, gentle reader, would be happy.

22 Jun 2019 7:35 AM

Tory leadership race is likely to lead to ‘undemocratic’ Brexit

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland has a population of 66 million people.

15 Jun 2019 2:09 AM

Trump arrives as May exits: How will Brits stomach this?

Even Mr Johnson, in the leadership campaign, has said he intends if he wins “to put Farage back in his box”.

08 Jun 2019 4:54 AM