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A G Noorani Page-6

Lack of trust shouldn’t stall Indo-Pak talks

In December, India’s minister for external affairs firmly ruled out even reviving cricket matches between the two countries.

07 Jan 2018 12:28 AM

No respect for parliamentary system in India

The parliamentary system places enormous power in the hands of the government.

31 Dec 2017 1:31 AM

Judicial censorship violates our Constitution

Orders such as this are not only erroneous in law but also provide wrong guidance to the high courts.

24 Dec 2017 5:21 AM

For the RSS, ‘culture’ means Hindu culture

As with Hitler’s Mein Kampf, the writings of the RSS’ chiefs and ideological mentors have been neglected.

17 Dec 2017 12:11 AM

Films & feelings

The Supreme Court refused to stay the release of the film, which was due on December 1, as the CBFC had yet to make a decision.

10 Dec 2017 12:12 AM


The nexus: Crime & politics

The malaise is excellently described by one of the most upright police officials in the subcontinent, Tariq Khosa.

19 Nov 2017 5:35 AM

Wave of intolerance

The 13 far-right parties in Europe may not be homogeneous, but Islamophobia unites them in their opposition to immigration.

12 Nov 2017 12:03 AM

Complex cases help expose flaws in justice

The high court censured the trial court judge, Shyam Lal, for convicting the Talwars.

05 Nov 2017 12:02 AM

A policeman posing as a postman in Kashmir

Sharma will have “sustained interaction and dialogue to understand the legitimate aspirations of a wide cross-section of society”.

29 Oct 2017 12:30 AM

How our religious right exploits faith

What concerns the workings of democracy is how he could evoke such fierce loyalties.

22 Oct 2017 12:56 AM


BJP’s secret poll dealings need to be exposed

No government has the right to take such a decision without consulting all major political parties.

15 Oct 2017 12:19 AM

Press and privacy

These rules give a broad idea of where the right of privacy ends and rights of the press prevail.

02 Oct 2017 12:26 AM

No Kashmir policy, still

Article 370 of India’s Constitution is under challenge in the Supreme Court.

24 Sep 2017 12:06 AM

Laws alone can’t stop the hate

The Press Council of India set up a fact-finding committee which visited 11 states and submitted a detailed Report on Safety of Journalists.

17 Sep 2017 12:08 AM

Of politics, talaq and judgments

The two Quranic safeguards render triple talaq void. The courts will determine whether the reason for divorce was “reasonable”.

03 Sep 2017 12:32 AM


Kashmir suffocated

Regardless of the political impasse, the routes of old should be reopened — at least on humanitarian grounds.

27 Aug 2017 12:56 AM

Broken promises

Political manifestos attracted public notice in England in the 19th century when political warfare was at its peak.

20 Aug 2017 12:32 AM

Cult of secrecy

Foreign minister Abba Eban described continued Israeli rule as a potential “powder keg”.

13 Aug 2017 12:36 AM

Political pardons

The courts can insist that the grounds on which pardon is given are set out in the president’s order itself.

06 Aug 2017 12:33 AM

BJP’s safe man at Rashtrapati Bhavan

The president is a constitutional head of state in a parliamentary democracy in which the prime minister is the chief executive.

01 Aug 2017 12:01 AM