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Suraj Prasad

Atomic Blonde movie review: The dark and ruthless world of spies

It helps to have David Leitch, who brings all his skills and experience into Atomic Blonde giving it a very unique signature, like his other films.

12 Aug 2017 1:45 AM

War for the Planet of the Apes movie review: Every war has a justification

Once again, we visit the concentration camps, and it reminds us of how the Nazi’s justified the war followed by other armies.

15 Jul 2017 1:03 AM

Transformers: The Last Knight movie review— World isn’t ending anytime soon

Michael Bay, known for directing and producing big-budget action movies, seems to have gone easy on this episode.

01 Jul 2017 2:39 AM

Cars 3 movie review: Dear cars, don’t be fast, be smart

This installment of the series focused on the new world of futuristic designs and tools taking over the old world of emotions and raw power.

17 Jun 2017 2:05 AM

The Mummy movie review: Transcendence of Tom Cruise

Alex just did not feel like a better excuse was plausible or novel.

10 Jun 2017 2:29 AM


The Sense of an Ending movie review: The past is not of your choosing...

It is the story of Tony Webster, and he makes an attempt to share it with us.

20 May 2017 2:18 AM

Colossal movie review: Let’s forget the monsters

This is a classical approach that many directors have used in various ways.

08 Apr 2017 2:12 AM

A Dog’s Purpose movie review: Go ahead, pour your heart out!

A Dog’s Purpose is good to look at, purely for visual and aesthetic pleasure.

01 Apr 2017 12:46 AM

Kong: Skull Island movie review — Pick someone your own size

The characters on the screen are very fragile and almost disintegrate on a little bit of probing.

11 Mar 2017 1:30 AM

Lion movie review: Message delivered but execution poor

The most troubling section of the film was the duration Saroo spends in Kolkata.

04 Mar 2017 1:59 AM


Hidden Figures movie review: We all pee the same colour

There seems to be no other way the film could have been made, no other way the story could have been told to evoke a better response.

18 Feb 2017 2:38 AM

Rings movie review: It’s not scary anymore

It wasn’t as much a haunting of the spirit but the makers thought of this story where a video does not let you be at peace.

11 Feb 2017 3:11 AM

The Space Between Us movie review: In search for a home

The extra-long unnecessary chase that happens on Earth is just a symptom of that nostalgia combined with the joy

11 Feb 2017 3:10 AM

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter movie review— The cleansing has failed

If we are really interested in cleansing I think we should continue with the atrocities we are committing to the environment.

04 Feb 2017 2:29 AM

Passengers movie review: Enjoy the ride

Passengers has a very good soundtrack which fills you up in the moments that would otherwise be too dull to live through.

07 Jan 2017 2:07 AM


Sing movie review: Ending 2016 on a high note

Buster Moon’s assistant, the glass eyed green iguana, deserves a special mention though.

31 Dec 2016 12:40 AM

Assassins Creed movie review: The wonderful world of virtual reality

Director Kurzel’s conceived mechanics of a machine that is deeply embedded with not just human mind but the body too is very interesting.

31 Dec 2016 12:35 AM

Deepwater Horizon movie review: Grave errors, glorious enactment

Mark Wahlberg is a nice guy, a hero, who himself in deep trouble would still watch out for his fellows but is it really that easy?

10 Dec 2016 1:35 AM

Moana movie review: The paradoxical chicken

The effort to indulge the South Pacific culture as most other reviews have put it to be are not very honest.

03 Dec 2016 1:09 AM

Shut In movie review: Seek help, no one will judge

The only success that this film may claim to have is that all ghosts are nothing but the brain playing tricks due to parasomnia.

19 Nov 2016 1:51 AM