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Parsa Venkateshwar Rao Jr Page-5

It’s no easy time for Nadda, Modi-Shah

Mr Shah would have had another term as president but for the fact that Mr Modi wanted him in the government.

24 Jan 2020 1:45 AM

Protests a test: Can govt not read signs of times?

The Modi government and the BJP have the responsibility to respond with nuance if not with sensitivity to the protesting students.

10 Jan 2020 12:20 AM

The political highs and economic lows of Modi 2.0

It was clear that businesses were listless, and unable to make things happen.

01 Jan 2020 1:34 AM

Towards pan-India NRC: Creating climate of fear?

It is a known fact that the NRC in Assam was meant to detect illegal immigrants from Bangladesh.

22 Nov 2019 2:30 AM

BJP-Shiv Sena cracks, a sign of power imbalance

There is also a clear indication that the BJP was gradually marginalising the Shiv Sena in state politics.

14 Nov 2019 1:32 AM


Returns on rhetoric diminishing for BJP

The BJP may have to review its propaganda offensive based on national security, terrorism and Pakistan.

25 Oct 2019 1:04 AM

J&K smokescreen won’t hide economic spasms

It is indeed a point of debate whether the post-Budget policy tweaks of Ms Sitharaman would prove effective or not.

12 Oct 2019 12:00 AM

Small gains for Modi, Trump from Houston

It turns out that Houston has ended up being a show of small or no gains, small thrills that could linger longer, and uncertain risks.

25 Sep 2019 1:04 AM

Does BJP desire to rule India like China’s Reds?

It is Shah’s democratic right to cast doubts about the efficacy of the multi-party democratic system in India.

20 Sep 2019 1:36 AM

Hurdles for Modi 2.0: Economy, J&K, NRC

Then there is the mess created by the National Register of Citizens in Assam.

11 Sep 2019 2:38 AM


Signs of pragmatism in steps to boost economy

The Modi government’s eagerness to increase tax collections could have made sense if the economy was doing well.

26 Aug 2019 12:00 AM

At home in court, Parliament, and the social circuit

Like a good lawyer with a sharp eye, he could grasp the treacherous nuances of the social and political landscape.

25 Aug 2019 12:07 AM

India-Pak wrangling on N-weapons dangerous

It is true that the Indian missile — air, land and water — programme has the aim of nuclear-tipped weaponry. But it is not the sole strategy.

20 Aug 2019 8:12 AM

PM tries to inspire, but skirts the real anxieties

Modi conveyed his greetings to Afghanistan, that will be celebrating its Independence Day a few days later, and skipped any reference to Pakistan.

16 Aug 2019 12:29 AM

Can Delhi deliver vikas to post-370 Kashmir?

The rightness or wrongness of the decision will now depend on what it can accomplish in terms of making Kashmir a normal place.

12 Aug 2019 3:00 AM


A true-grit achiever, she was capable of more

The party took full advantage, and rightly so, of her ability to speak loudly and clearly, with force and conviction.

08 Aug 2019 12:05 AM

Unnao: It’s time to act, outrage is not enough

So when help is denied to a hapless citizen at all levels, it could not but end in tragedy of enormous proportion.

03 Aug 2019 1:16 AM

No early end in sight to Karnataka turbulence

It is a moot question whether it would have survived if the coalition partners had done well in the parliamentary elections.

25 Jul 2019 12:00 AM

Can Speaker dictate terms of resignation?

The Congress as a party would not want to be blackmailing the government.

17 Jul 2019 2:45 AM

No talk of jobs will not make the issue go away

Shah had talked of self-employment as a way of dealing with the jobs problem, making it evident that the government is not promising jobs.

09 Jul 2019 12:17 AM