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P S Raghavan

Amid a changing world, can Brics find new role?

A British economist had coined the acronym “Bric” in 2001, identifying four high-growth economies that could dominate the world by 2050.

21 Nov 2019 2:22 AM

India, Russia: New contours of an old partnership

The joint statement did not shy away from expressing perspectives different from those of the United States and its allies.

10 Sep 2019 12:02 AM

Putin in India: Test of a strategic partnership

Russia is under pressure from Western actions seeking to constrain its international political and economic activity.

04 Oct 2018 12:09 AM

Chemistry of a thaw at encounter in Helsinki

The two leaders displayed an easy cordiality and mutual respect.

19 Jul 2018 6:22 AM

Geopolitical waters are getting choppier

The recent tweets, words and actions by the Trump administration have created a wider churn in international relations.

23 Jun 2018 5:46 AM


New strategies for an old partnership

The US decision to pull out of the multilateral nuclear deal with Iran has upset its allies.

21 May 2018 5:28 AM

Diplomacy by blackmail

A wedge was driven between Turkey, which endorsed the strikes, and its Russian and Iranian partners in the Syrian political process.

22 Apr 2018 2:56 AM

2016 Fear vs Hope: Putin could be Trump’s trump card for 2017

A strategic alignment of Russian and American foreign policy will bring solutions to problems that have been haunting world politics.

01 Jan 2017 12:14 AM