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140th Day Of Lockdown

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AA Edit | Serological surveys point to different path for COVID-19 fight in India

The survey results assume significance in the backdrop of the successful coronavirus containment strategy

24 Jul 2020 6:39 PM

AA Edit | Long, hard road ahead in Ladhak

The ball lies in India’s court, and the government must think creatively on how to break the deadlock

24 Jul 2020 5:53 PM

AA Edit | Witch-hunt whiff to Supreme Court's contempt suit

Curbing Bhushan’s freedom of expression is all the more problematic as prosecuting him indirectly encourages a growing trend of intolerance

24 Jul 2020 5:26 PM

AA Edit | IPL: Show must go on

It would be extremely cynical to believe money is the sole winner here as IPL gets its coveted place in the cricket calendar

22 Jul 2020 7:23 PM

AA Edit | All credits to Rahul Gandhi for putting government on spot

Gandhi and the trusts his family head started have been facing legal action by government agencies the moment they stepped up the attack

22 Jul 2020 6:54 PM


AA Edit | Covid-19 Vaccine is the only silver lining

There is a silver lining in the form of expedited vaccine trials, some of which have reported progress

21 Jul 2020 5:48 PM

AA Edit | Ram temple is cover for corona failure says Sharad Pawar

A government that has not yet shown the grit to address serious national issues would find a comfortable cover in the temple project

21 Jul 2020 5:33 PM

AA Edit | War games on Twitter?

Is Cold War 2.0 building up?

20 Jul 2020 5:31 PM

AA Edit | Rajasthan crisis: Keep out CBI, police; settle politically

Given the circumstances of the ongoing tussle in Rajasthan, it will be extremely inadvisable to inject the CBI

20 Jul 2020 5:14 PM

AA Edit | UGC should put health of the students before marks

Though the UGC has advised conducting online exam or mixed mode tests, there are massive infrastructural frailties

15 Jul 2020 7:40 PM


DC Edit | Power shift in trust of Padmanabha Swamy temple, but it's partial

While the ex-royals will continue to be the trustees, the temple would now be run by a five-member administrative committee

15 Jul 2020 6:27 PM

AA Edit | Rajasthan's political crisis: Sachin Pilot's revolt ill-timed

Pilot had played a major role in ensuring the party’s victory in the 2018 polls, defeating the BJP led by Vasundhara Raje

14 Jul 2020 6:11 PM

AA Edit | Save Varavara Rao, a prisoner in trauma

There are many illustrious jurists who have cast such a duty on their successors to be guardian angels of prisoner rights

14 Jul 2020 5:17 PM

AA Edit | Step at a time will win Covid fight

Resource-strapped state governments have responded to the renewed crisis by locking back down particular districts and containment zones

13 Jul 2020 7:35 PM

AA Edit | Probe welcome, not politics

It is interesting to note that those at the helm of the NDA dispensation smelled foul only when the Opposition asked uncomfortable questions

11 Jul 2020 7:55 PM


AA Edit | Vikas Dubey is dead, long live UP’s neta-thug net

The extra-judicial execution cannot be justified on the grounds that Dubey’s men killed eight policemen

11 Jul 2020 7:37 PM

AA Edit | In solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, cricket takes a knee

It might be impossible to separate sport from politics or play sport without a cause reflecting an athlete’s social background

10 Jul 2020 6:23 PM

AA Edit | Sins of omission by a government with an agenda

It is not surprising, that the culture of anti-intellectualism has now found its way into school education

10 Jul 2020 6:05 PM

AA Edit | Trump’s 2nd term price: 2 lakh education dreams

Trump regime is once again exposed, the trait already made evident in restrictive moves made against work visas in June

09 Jul 2020 6:30 PM

AA Edit | Herd immunity no solution to COVID-19

Governments must stop toying with any policy that seeks herd immunity

08 Jul 2020 6:06 PM