Handsome UK police officer is internet's newest sensation

Officer Rich Heath has become somewhat of an internet sensation after vlogs on anti-social behaviour by him have gone viral with women.

Internet got a new hot sensation when Market Bosworth Police releases a video of a ‘handsome policeman’ talking about reckless scooter riders. While it remains to be seen if the message has hit the mark, the video did leave women swooning over his rugged good looks rather than listening to a discussion a possible anti-social behaviour.

The officer in question, Rich Heath has received a volley of attention from women after the video on irresponsible drivers was posted on Facebook.

In the video, Rich can be seen saying that at the moment there's a real concern in relation to anti-social behaviour in regards to scooters driving recklessly and irresponsibly, causing distress to the community.

While he appealed to the community for help in finding the people involved it seemed that women from the area were far more interested in talking about the ruggedly good looking policeman.

The majority of the comments that followed the video saw women talking about his good looks and begging to be arrested. Heath was called ‘handsome’, ‘gorgeous’ while one girl simply wrote ‘wow’.

While one female admirer wrote ‘I might need arresting soon’, another lady wrote, “May just buy a Scooter … pcso's are certainly getter fitter!

One female admirer commented: 'I might be old . But I still no a good looking fella wen I see one . One word, gorgeous.'

'This video is going viral due to his looks,' said another.

But this is not a new case, it seems that Mr Heath has a history of swaying women admirers whenever he comes on a video with one lady commenting, “I love it when this officer posts on here cause I know the comments are gonna blow up with women who fancy him.'

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