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  Life   Relationship  27 Mar 2019  Female Orgasm: Let her not fake it

Female Orgasm: Let her not fake it

Published : Mar 27, 2019, 4:42 pm IST
Updated : Mar 27, 2019, 4:42 pm IST

While most of the time women fake orgasm, in reality it is not that difficult to achieve.

Stimulate the hot spots of her body and experience the various shades of carnal ecstasy. (Photo: Representational/ Marx Ilagan from Pexels)
 Stimulate the hot spots of her body and experience the various shades of carnal ecstasy. (Photo: Representational/ Marx Ilagan from Pexels)

Mumbai: Attention men! Bringing women to orgasm is an art and if you master this art, you are in for some real fun and can develop strong emotional bond. Getting her to orgasm has nothing to do with the size of your joystick or pornographic skills.

The best way to achieve this is by indulging in longer foreplay sessions and understanding the two most important hot spots of her body. Stimulating the hot spots can engulf her in a whirlpool of untamed emotions. If you are thinking of sex positions that can get her to climax we suggest – Don’t be so boring!


If you get aroused, take a deep breath and don’t just rush in for that goodie. This might not be the same with her. Enjoy the delightful delayed gratification to feel content. Women as a matter of fact require plenty of physical and emotion stimulation to be aroused, lubricated and then climax. Therefore, foreplay becomes imperative.

Why is foreplay important? To get her lubricated – the answer is No! It is important to set her free from all distracting thoughts and get her into the moment. One of the most common obstructions to orgasm is the thought of orgasm. Whether it will happen, if at all it happens, or yet another disappointing session? These thoughts are strong enough to distract and ruin the moment.

Relationship counsellor Sumit Mehta shares “Foreplay is one of the most important aspects of sexual intercourse. It is considered to be a prelude to sex and it is important because women take longer time for women to reach the peak of arousal. It is to be noted that sex for women is not solely about physical gratification, but also a reassurance that she is emotionally secure, where she feels loved and wanted.” He further adds, “Getting straight into the act, without caressing her body, with making her beloved loved can be detrimental for her emotionally.”

Here are some ways in which you can set her mood right for a real hard roller coaster ride?

Stimulate her mind: When we say this we mean, be the sexually intelligent man that your lady wants you to be. Start off with soft love talks and make her feel mentally more relaxed. This is a basic thumb rule that can never go wrong.

Know the hot spots of her body: It is crucial that you know the hotspots of your lady love for her to go panting for breath, screaming in ecstasy. Be a clit literate and not an illiterate. A soft massage on her clitoris can unleash fireworks of passion. This can get the juices flowing effortlessly.

“We have often observed that penetrative sex alone cannot get a woman to climax. Both the partners should feel satisfied equally satisfied after the act. So if she does not have an orgasm, we suggest stimulating the clitoris, which is extremely sensitive. Additionally, it can help in the process of lubrication. ” avers sexologist Dr. Nilesh Bajwa.  As a word of caution, he adds that one should be very gentle when stimulating the clitoris.

Then there is the G spot, a bundle of nerve endings waiting to get stimulated. Excite her G-spot and you can give her an out of the world experience; throwing her into the dark and bringing her to light with a rapturous feeling.

Tender touch: Don’t underestimate the power of tender touch. Caress her gently, play with her hair, whisper dirty into her ears and let the sexual tension build up. Hold her, hug her and play with the tender parts of her body.

Kiss her: Kiss is one of the strongest elements of foreplay that can get things on track as it is fun and definitely rewarding. Try kissing her at unusual erogenous places and take your sexual experience to a new high.

And then when you know that she is yearning for that pulsating trust down south, you can go in for sheet grabbing sex and experience the various shades of carnal ecstasy.

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