After J&K and Haryana, 'Super 30' becomes first film to get tax-free in eight states

The movie starring Hrithik Roshan was released on 12 July, and is still running successfully in theatres.

Mumbai: Climbing it’s the way to glory and eminence, Super 30 becomes the first Bollywood movie to get tax-free in eight states. Starting off with Bihar, now Super 30 is tax-free in the states of Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Delhi, Jammu & Kashmir, and most recently, Haryana.

This film is getting talked about and getting more fame for all the right reasons and it’s basking in its glory with appreciations and accolades from all quarters.

This movie is crossing milestones ever since the day of its release, from crossing 100 crores to getting tax free. And, now taking inspiration from this movie, the Maharashtra government is also starting Super 50 which will initiate special coaching for 50 tribal students and prepare then for JEE and NEET entrance examinations.

The buzz created by Super 30 is surely massive and its a moment of pride and celebration for the officials of the country, teachers, bureaucrats and all the segments of the society for the story of the triumph of spirit has been on a winning streak.

The movie was released on 12 July, and is still running successfully being a massive hit and is inching closer to the bracket of 140 crores, garnering praise and love from all around the world and maintaining a stronghold over the box office with an upward growth in numbers, praises and everything!

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