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Shashi Warrier

Shashi Warrier | For ‘pure’ politics, let ’em eat cake!

A Chance Encounter Leads to Political Insights and Market Research Plans

07 Apr 2024 12:27 AM

Book Review | Scientist plays God in laboured science fiction

The writing is patchy: It’s good most of the way, though often self-indulgent, sometimes turgid, and occasionally just plain wretched

17 Mar 2024 1:06 PM

Shashi Warrier | Things consultants do for love, for success

An unexpected meeting with an old friend unveils a startling truth about the nature of advice and trust

09 Mar 2024 12:07 AM

Shashi Warrier | Is it always so wrong to sit on the fence?

Friendship tested, opinions clashed: A tense encounter between two guests sparks a heated debate on religion, politics, and global conflicts

04 Feb 2024 12:20 AM

Book Review | The naïve and poisonous world of Hindutva pop

The book sheds light on the rise of stars, providing insights into their impact on the Hindi heartland and the larger political landscape

28 Jan 2024 12:00 AM


Shashi Warrier | The Christmas Conversion

Christmas Miracle: How a Litter of Puppies Bridged the Gap Between Cat and Dog People in the Neighborhood

07 Jan 2024 12:05 AM

Book Review | An obtrusive storyteller’s fascinating project

A series of Indian scents takes the reader on a journey far and wide

07 Jan 2024 12:00 AM

Book Review | Heady Mughal thriller combines intrigue and art

There’s a good story here. With a little more research, much more depth, and mature telling, it could have been a masterpiece

17 Dec 2023 1:59 AM

Shashi Warrier | The Leopard on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Panic: How Social Media Frenzy Ignited Leopard Rumors and Local Theories

03 Dec 2023 12:05 AM

Book Review | Brilliant debut on precocious girl consumed by squash

The characters emerge clearly as the story progresses.

18 Nov 2023 11:17 PM


Book Review | Insufficient evidence to call top court a people’s forum

Is the Supreme Court a “people’s court”

12 Nov 2023 12:00 AM

Shashi Warrier | Squark, the dog on the doorstep

Warrier's Decision to Adopt Stray Pup Challenges Initial Agreements

11 Nov 2023 11:49 PM

Shashi Warrier | The insufferable arrogance of writers

A Candid Conversation with a Local Corporator: Politics, Promises, and Accountability

01 Oct 2023 12:05 AM

Anatomy Of A Riot Pretends To Debunk Epic, Ends Up Restoring It

No one spoke of justice because there was no need

01 Oct 2023 12:00 AM

Shashi Warrier | The manufacture of discontent

The whole thing about discontent," he explained, "is to keep it simple, and to repeat it over and over.

10 Sep 2023 12:05 AM


Book Review | Salim Ali: An unlikely beginning, a great end

It’s the author’s well-founded belief that Salim Ali’s life offers today’s children a role model.

27 Aug 2023 12:05 AM

Shashi Warrier | Whose club best between barber and Zuckerberg?

The conversation went all over the place after that, but it still held my interest.

13 Aug 2023 12:30 AM

Book Review | C.N. Annadurai’s witty social realism lost in translation

Annadurai's fame as a politician tends to overshadow his accomplishments as a storyteller

03 Jul 2023 12:46 AM

Shashi Warrier | Will ChatGPT spell end of exams and teachers?

Have you used ChatGPT?

02 Jul 2023 12:00 AM

Book Review | Convention-bound aesthetic, too many subplots clutter up big picture

Historically significant characters flit in and out of the book.

04 Jun 2023 12:37 AM