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Bela Bhatia

Bela Bhatia | Lockdown for some, lockup for others

More humane provisions are needed for prisoners, including political prisoners and those charged under special laws

16 Sep 2020 5:39 PM

Bela Bhatia | Getting away with murder in Bollywood

Experts and fans have pointed to many reasons why Sushant’s death is likely to be a murder

31 Jul 2020 8:03 PM

Bela Bhatia | Comfy India would do well to brace for Aakrosh, 2020

Will the simmering anger lead to aakrosh — a violence born from a virus of indifference?

31 May 2020 6:51 PM

For red corridor to win Covid war, truce a must

The present situation also endangers both sides — the Indian armed forces and the PLGA

19 Apr 2020 5:02 PM

First person: Farming’s good for you

My “success story” (apparently) generated a lot of interest. There was a huge response and the phone wouldn’t stop ringing.

31 Aug 2016 1:34 AM