After attempt at UNHRC, Pak PM Imran Khan to hold rally at PoK's Muzaffarabad on Sep 13

India rebutted to Pak at UNHRC, insisting that statement made by Qureshi was 'fabricated narrative from epicentre of global terrorism'.

Islamabad: Just a day after Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Quresh mounted a scathing attack on India’s handling of the Kashmir issue at the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), Pakistan’s Prime Minister said on Wednesday that he will hold a public gathering on Friday in the Muzaffarabad area of the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) in support of Kashmiris, reported Hindustan Times.

Pakistan had on Tuesday asked the UN human right body to ensure that India ends the restrictions in Jammu and Kashmir and restores fundamental rights and liberties in the region after the revocation of its special status on August 5.

Qureshi accused India of turning Kashmir into the planet’s largest prison and sought an international investigation by the UNHRC into the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.

“I am going to do a big jalsa in Muzzafarabad on Friday 13 Sept, to send a message to the world about the continuing siege of IOJK by Indian Occupation forces; & to show the Kashmiris that Pakistan stands resolutely with them,” Imran Khan tweeted.

India has described the changes in Kashmir as an internal matter and said Pakistan has no locus standi in the matter. And on Tuesday, India countered Pakistan’s efforts to internationalise the reorganisation of Jammu and Kashmir at UNHRC by saying the Pakistani leadership is using the issue to promote cross-border terrorism.

India delivered a stinging rebuttal to Qureshi at the UNHRC, insisting that the statement made by Qureshi was a ‘fabricated narrative from the epicentre of global terrorism’.

“One delegation here has given a running commentary with offensive rhetoric of false allegations and concocted charges against my country. The world is aware that this fabricated narrative comes from the epicentre of global terrorism where ring leaders are sheltered for years,” Vijay Thakur Singh, secretary (east) in the foreign ministry told the UN body.

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