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OnePlus gives you the opportunity to design a new feature for its Oxygen OS

Published : Feb 5, 2019, 2:29 pm IST
Updated : Feb 5, 2019, 2:29 pm IST

With the #PMChallenge, a dream feature that you like will be implemented in the operating system.

OnePlus announces the #PMChallenge.
 OnePlus announces the #PMChallenge.

OnePlus, being a community-centric brand has reached out to its fans to design a brand new feature for its Oxygen OS that will be implemented in a future rollout of the UI. The brand is calling it the #PMChallenge where users are invited to help them design a new Oxygen OS feature. To participate in the Product Manager Challenge, participants need to follow a simplified version of the product pitch process that OnePlus product managers use every day. 

As per a forum post, OnePlus states, “Every day, we get hundreds of ideas for how to improve our devices. Much of this feedback gets picked up by our bug hunters or through surveys, making OxygenOS truly a software system that we’ve built together as a community. However, due to sheer volume, some passionate ideas undoubtedly get overlooked. Perhaps you’ve posted a few suggestions yourself, convinced that these changes will create a better device experience.”
The post goes on to read, “But put to the test, would your idea survive the logical hoops of implementation? For those of you who’ve seen the show Shark Tank, you know what I’m getting at. If you have a dream feature you’d like to see implemented into OxygenOS, we hereby invite you to take on our Product Manager Challenge.”


OnePlus has created a simplified version of the product pitch process that our product managers use every day. Submit a PRD (product requirements document) answering the following questions in a new thread (with #PMChallenge in the title) in the Tech section before February 22.

  • Who are the users?
  • What is the proposed function?
  • What is the user value?
  • If there are existing comparable functions in the smartphone industry, how is your proposed feature superior?

Also, those interested have to be sure to:

  • Explain the logic behind this product and how you want it to be implemented
  • Include directions and details via diagram sketches. Draw each screen and show the flow from screen to screen.

The following questions will be used to scrutinise a user’s pitch:


  • From the Product department – does it contribute to a burdenless experience?
  • From the developers - how will different parts of the existing OS interact with this new feature?
  • From UX Design – what will the user experience be like? Does the current flow result in the optimal user journey?

@Gary C. and few senior members of the software team will pick the best idea to implement into OxygenOS. The winning feature will be announced by mid-March and the software team will begin working on it right away. When the feature is ready, the brand will fly you out to a OnePlus launch event near you for a VIP experience so that you can witness its launch in real life. You’ll also receive the device you helped build.


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