Tesla launches mobile charger, power bank

The electric' giant now ventures into the smartphone accessory space to compliment your Tesla-branded lifestyle.

After replacing the gas with electricity in cars, Tesla has ventured into the mobile accessory space, and why not — their expertise with electricity gives them the potential. After cars and trucks, Tesla, the most talked-about electric car company, has announced a desktop mobile charger and a portable mobile power bank. The Tesla-themed accessories can now charge your Android, iPhone, smart watches and portable speakers right from the desktop to your travel bag.

Recently, the company was selling a Desktop Supercharger, which is presently sold out, for $45. It has a USB port for charging anything portable you have. The desktop charger was a scaled down model of the Tesla car charging station, with every detail replicated on it. Now it has launched a power bank for the same price, which has a compact design and can charge iPhone and Android smartphones via its integrated Lightning and micro USB cables. The power bank has a charge status indicator, features a single 18650 cell with a capacity of 3350mAh and delivers a 1.5A output.

Apart from this, a Tesla enthusiast, named Martin Hansen, has created blueprints for the desktop charger, where anyone can purchase or 3D print their own desktop supercharger, and costs $109. All you need is a 3D printer to create your very own charger or power bank.

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