Men who make women orgasm also benefit from it

Making women orgasm was seen to make men feel more masculine.

The female orgasm has been much talked about since researchers tried to decode it, and women have also become more aware of their sexuality. As women give importance to orgasms for their own sexual pleasure as a priority, men also have a lot to gain from the effort.

There are different ways of making women orgasm and mixing up simulation, oral sex and foreplay is recommended for this purpose. But a new study suggests that apart from better experience for women, female orgasms also boost self esteem for men.

A lot of men questioned for the study said that making a woman climax helped them feel more masculine. They also said that they felt successful when a woman didn’t climax with another man but had an orgasm with them.

But while equal pleasure for both might seem like just another masculinity boost for men, researchers maintained that some of the men who feel more confident and successful may be genuinely concerned about the woman’s pleasure.

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