Celebrate renewal

As spring brings an aura of newness, so will eliminating our unwanted things, thoughts, habits and relationships renew our life and spirit.

Spring... the word itself has the vibration of freshness, excitement, colour and renewal. After cold and dry winter where we just wanted to hibernate, spring brings in energy to break free and take initiatives. We want to step out of the comfort zone and experience the beauty nature is offering.

Wonder how to enjoy this spring on a personal level when one is not in that state of being? We tend to be complaining, irritable, anxious. Energy levels are low, eating habits are bad and the zeal to live a happy life has gone for a toss. The main and prominent reason for our situation is the clutter around and in us. These extra and unwanted things, thoughts, habits and relationships have made us slow and less productive.

We are spending extravagantly on things and adding more and more to our possessions in the need to be satisfied and at peace. But unfortunately, this multiplication of items in our life and mind is only burdening us and keeping our energies heavy and strained. We are thinking too much about things, which are not worth that attention, for instance — judging others, social media posts, what others are thinking about us, etc. After all of this material and mental stock, we are left with very little space for self. This is the reason we are unhappy and distressed all the time.

De-clutter this spring to actually celebrate the onset of new life, to create that space where seeds of new vibrant thoughts can find their soil. As spring brings the whole aura of newness and renewal, so will getting rid of unwanted and less desired things do to us. Things and thoughts, which are not serving us for our highest good, are low energy and negative. When they are eliminated, we feel lighter, sorted and motivated.

Here are few things, which can help us de-clutter at different levels:

Mind — removing unwanted things from your space of work/house/wardrobes, keeping and possessing only things which are required, simplifying our habits, trying to learn new things like music, cooking etc.

Body — better food choices, exercise to stay active and full of energy, saying goodbye to laziness, maintaining hygiene.

Soul — forgiving self and others, meditating, give our best to humanity, seeking company of positive and motivating people

Once we simplify our habits, thoughts and lifestyle, we open doors of opportunities to live a more conscious and mindful living. We get time to explore new talents and habits, which give us strength and renew our spirit.

When we have such a positive outlook everyday, we posses capabilities to achieve the biggest of our dreams.

So this spring let’s promise ourselves to work on creating a better life by eliminating clutter and keeping a check on our selves. A check should be maintained throughout the year but we can do a through spring clean once a year. Just try it for yourself and you will experience the spring of hope and freeness bloom in your being.

The writer is a clairvoyant and founder of Soul Tattva (

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