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Everything you need to know about E-gymming according to Sunny Riz

Published : Dec 7, 2018, 3:05 pm IST
Updated : Dec 7, 2018, 3:06 pm IST

E-gymming is a form or series where all you do is tap into the right program that fits your schedule, lifestyle or budget.

In conversation, Sunny Riz, owner of My Bollywood Body shares inputs on E-gymming and its various benefits.
 In conversation, Sunny Riz, owner of My Bollywood Body shares inputs on E-gymming and its various benefits.

E-gymming has gained foothold worldwide, as it allows people to avail the benefits of fitness instructions from a celebrity trainer at the comfort of their home. This digitisation of fitness and wellness has taken the internet by the storm. A successful example of this is ‘My Bollywood body’ which is a fitness channel on YouTube. With 2.3 million subscribers, the channel has 160+ million views on its more than 450+ videos.

In conversation, Sunny Riz, owner of My Bollywood Body shares inputs on E-gymming and its various benefits.

How did you come up with the concept of E - gymming and the idea behind starting the channel MBB?

I have owned and operated a multi million-dollar facility in Toronto for many years, and people walk up to me all the time, who cannot afford either a gym membership or personal trainer.

E-gymming is unique because you can workout from the comfort of your home. You do not need any equipment; all you need is motivation and determination.

With E-Gymming you have access to a world-renowned celebrity trainer who is willing to train you for free and you can work out at the comfort of your home, office or park.

How is it different from the regular gyms and fitness programs?

The E-gymming concept is completely different from any other program that you would see in a gym. Either you are a regular gym goer, gym junkie or enjoy doing Zumba, Karate or any other classes where it requires your attendance to be mandatory.

The concept of E-gymming allows you to workout from the comfort of your home. On our channel My Bollywood Body we stand at almost 3 Million followers worldwide. 

Our workout programs include a fat lose series that ladies can do at home without any equipment. We have body building series for people who want to work out and look like a body builder, an aesthetic series for people who want to compete and get into modeling. We have many diet plans that are catered for specific people and body types. 

E Gymming is a form or series where all you do is tap into the right program that fits your schedule, lifestyle or budget and we take pride in calling ourselves the world’s most watched Indian fitness channel, with exceeding quarter of a billion views and are becoming a household name in India. 

Is there any direct Bollywood connect considering the name MBB?

There is a very deep meaning behind the name, and a lot of thought went into it when we picked the name of our channel. The reason we chose the name My Bollywood Body is that Bollywood does not belong to one actor or an individual, its an industry that belongs to every (Desi) single South Asian person and person of South Asian heritage in the world.

How have you programmed the channel? What are the different weight loss programs?

There are many programs that we offer on our channel, and all of the programs are very carefully designed so that no one can sustain any serious injuries and you don’t hit a plateau. 

The work outs are short and very entertaining, so no one would get bored as well.  Before I design any program, I do a lot of research behind the concept, style of workouts, and the length of the workouts.

I am strong believer and an ambassador of feeding people the right knowledge, so they can stay in this lifestyle for a longest period of time. 

We build the whole channel that every video is in series form and connecting. We have beginners, intermediate and advance series.

That is something which is unique about our channel

Other then the body building programs, we have also catered into a very niche market which has never been tapped into, this is the stay at home mums. We have tons of workouts for stay at home mums that they can do post pregnancy or even going though post partum depression, after caesarean how long to wait and what to start. There are also programs designed for people who want bodies like Bollywood Actors and Actresses. We recently partnered up with one of the biggest Canadian body building federation its called Canadian physique alliance (CPA) so we are featuring the Canadian models on our platforms so they can get massive exposure and ambassadorships through put the world.

How do you stay connected with the audience? Is there anything special that you do?

Our strategy is unique on its own, once you become our followers, we ask you to join our WhatsApp broadcasting list. We have a staff of 5 to 8 ppl who manage our social media platform. You can send us a message on Facebook where we can give you free diet plans, free workout programs, free advice which all is coming from certified sports nutritionist and personal trainers that are sitting in front of the desk waiting for you to ask questions.

What are your future plans? Any brand extension plans expected in the future?

When we started our YouTube channel couple of years ago, we had no idea that our channel would blow up like it has. Now wherever you go it feels so good when somebody runs up to you and hugs you and says thank you for making me lose 20kgs, thank you for making me look like a body builder or for saying my life.

I really love this feeling when people walk up to me and tell me that I have made an impact on their lives.

Through the success and the prayers, through hard work we recently launched our own supplement line which is exclusively available in Canada. 

Due to high demand in India, Dubai, Bangladesh, Shri Lanka, Pakistan those countries 2019 is going to be our year, where we are going to bring our supplement line, and merchandise line to India.

Other then that we are looking into launching our own franchise as we currently have 2 gyms.  We are also looking into expanding into India with our own brand of franchises where we are willing to train people through our expertise.

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