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No time for the gym? At-home workouts offer cheap option

Published : Jan 30, 2018, 8:18 pm IST
Updated : Jan 30, 2018, 8:18 pm IST

Too cash-strapped after the holidays to fork over $25 for your usual barre classes?

You can even train just like the celebrities with some streaming services that feature the same routines being taught in New York studios. (Photo: Pixabay)
 You can even train just like the celebrities with some streaming services that feature the same routines being taught in New York studios. (Photo: Pixabay)

Between bomb cyclones and deep freezes, it’s hard to find the motivation to leave your toasty home for a sweat session. Or maybe you’re just too cash-strapped after the holidays to fork over $25 for your usual barre classes.

We’ve rounded some at-home workouts at all price points that deliver challenging routines with easy to follow instructions so there are no excuses. You can even train just like the celebrities with some streaming services that feature the same routines being taught in New York studios.

Fitness Blender — This app rivals pricey competitors. Solid video workouts, tons of options for beginners and elite athletes with programs targeting all various body parts. Cuing from husband and wife duo Kelli and Daniel Segars is easy to follow. Some workouts require weights but there are tons of videos that require nothing.

Heart and Soul HASfit — Straightforward High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) video routines that pack a powerful punch. Clear instructions make everything in their arsenal a good choice whether you want to work out in 15 or 45 minute increments.

Body Rock — Each workout starts with a 20-second video that demonstrates each move. Photo explainers break it down further, along with details about how many reps and rounds. Better for intermediate levels who have some knowledge of basics like lunges, mountain climbers and flys. Some workouts require bands or weights.

Amazon Prime Zumba — This 70-minute interactive dance workout features 16 high-energy routines that will burn calories while you get your groove on. From Bogota to Beijing and beyond, these international rhythms are so fun it doesn’t even feel like a workout. Great for beginners.

30 Days — This 30-day challenge uses slide-style photos to break down moves like donkey kicks and lateral lunges. The app increases exercise intensity step by step to help you build strength and stamina. Each challenge has three difficulty levels, from beginner to pro.


Weight Loss Fitness — Find a personalized training plan focused on your problem area. Choose from over 1,000 workout mixes. $9.99 a month

BetterMe: Workouts — Targeted workouts just for women. Choose from 28-day programs that target abs, butt and thighs and arms in 15-minute increments. $9.99 month

8fit — Enter your weight loss and muscle goals, measure your fitness level and wait for your customized workout and meal plan. Workouts are 15 minutes or less and are based on HIIT workouts where you move for 20 seconds, rest 10 seconds and repeat. Free option or $30 plus for workouts and meal plan

Fitness Buddy — Create your own workout routine with 2,400 exercises. Tailor workouts to moves you like or based on the equipment you have at home like resistance bands, kettle bells or no equipment or choose from over 75 already designed workout routines. Clear instructions and videos. Bonus this app is also great if you want to transition the gym and need a plan for tackling free weights and machines. $2.99

Tone It Up — Daily workouts include HIIT, strength training, yoga and dance moves plus lifestyle videos and tips on superfoods to help you achieve your goals. $7 a month for a 12-month commitment

Sweat with Kayla — Kayla Itsine is a powerful motivator. Be ready to work hard but get it done in just 28 minutes. $19.99 a month. Might be too high impact for beginners or those who are obese.

Daily Burn — Includes everything from kettlebells to yoga to HIIT at every fitness level, with series for beginners and those that will challenge even the most hardcore athletes. Celeb trainer Bob Harper’s subscription also includes a meal plan with daily recipes. $12.99 a month

Amazon Prime — There are tons of free and low cost options for Prime members. Subscribe to channels like BeFit, SweatFlix, Yoga Anytime Channel and FITFUSIONTV. The no-commitment monthly fees make it easy to switch up your workouts. Average between $6 and $10 a month


Nicole Winhoffer — Loved by Madonna and Kate Hudson, Nicole Winhoffer mixes dance cardio and strength training. NW Church gives you access to the hour-long class Winhoffer teaches in New York every Sunday. You’ll feel muscles you didn’t know you had. $80 month (On sale $40 a month in January)

Tracy Anderson — Trainer to J. Lo and Gwyneth Paltrow, Anderson’s streaming service includes the Master Class routine she does each week with her clients so you’re sweating right alongside her. The online community for #TAmily also offers motivation. $90 month or $808 a year. A premium service is launching Feb 1. which offers additional content for $40 month.

Body By Simone — Jen Garner and Chrissy Teigen are fans of Simone De La Rue’s workouts. Each video is only 20 minutes long. Get in and out or string a few together to customize your workout. Videos are broken down by dance cardio, upper and lower body or core. New workouts are added each month. $14.99 month or $120 annually

Ballet Beautiful — Sculpt a dancer’s body with moves that are both graceful and punishing alongside former New York City ballerina Mary Helen Bowers. She trained Natalie Portman for her Oscar-winning role in “Black Swan.” There’s something for everyone in her 200 video series, including a post C-section core rebuild for new moms to the supermodel abs mix. Two new workouts added each month. $39.99 month

Barre3 — Choose from 300 low-impact workouts that deliver some major core and booty burn whether you have 10 minutes or an hour. Target specific body parts or get energized with a total body workout. Get ready for some seriously high reps and isometric holds. $29 a month. Great for beginners or those with injuries.

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