Thinking good thoughts may increase lifespan

According to study, people who view themselves as less healthy may suffer from early death.

According to a new research, people who view themselves as less healthy are at risk of suffering a premature death, no matter how active they really are.

The study, conducted by Stanford University, and published in Health Psychology shows how thoughts, feelings and beliefs have impact on health.

According to experts one should give equal importance to working out and feeling good for a better life.

Co-author of the study, Dr Alia Crum told The Sun that mindset, in this case belief how much exercise one is getting relative to others can play a crucial role in health.

The study was conducted by Dr Alia Crum, assistant professor of psychology and Octavia Zahrt, a doctoral candidate at the Graduate School of Business and documented participants' levels of physical activity, health and personal background, among other measures.

The research found that people who saw themselves as less active were up to 71 per cent more likely to die than those who though they were more active than their peers.

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